Who Needs to Measure When It's Cute?

"Mama, come see my organizing!" is what I heard as I started up the stairs. A. was so proud to show me how she "organized" her animals. Start 'em young right?

This cabinet though is a bit of a sore spot right now between Scott and myself. In my eagerness to arrange things I chose this at Target. It looked so cute filled with colorful canvas bins. My biggest concern was lifting it off the shelf and into our cart, so no, I didn't consider its dimensions. I was sure it would fit in A.'s closet, no problem. Fast forward to this morning when sweet husband finishes turning the last screw and hauls it upstairs. I think I sensed a touch of "I told you so" in his tone when it in fact did not fit. He may have even been concealing a slight smile. Now, what to do with an apparently oversized cube system? I'll have to rethink things a bit.

I did finally get started with the clearing out and organizing over the last two days. It felt so good to sort through everything and then put it up in cute baskets, boxes, and bins. Once A. realized that ALL of her toys weren't going away she was okay with the process. She helped sort her books into a keep and share stack, pack up her outgrown shoes and clothes for the resale store, sort her toys and smush shoe boxes (to fit better in the bag).

I still have more to tackle, but it does feel good to see some progress! Whee!

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  1. Holly, I don't always check my adoption blog, and came across your post! What a surprise! I'm so happy for you. We adopted out of Kemerovo, Russia in 2002 - our girls are now almost five in September.

    I look forward to visitin your blog and getting to know you better. I've done the same thing before regarding your post about the organzing unit. We've decided to always measure things before we by, we've had too many incidences where we were wrong! Happy Mother's Day!


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