The 4 Ps

Otherwise known as how we spent our weekend:

1. Pool fun

A. and her new plastic best friend, the Dora sprinkler

On your mark...get set...slide! A. is always full throttle and no fear!

Sadie got in on the pool fun too. A. was so excited and couldn't wait, so Scott only got one ring blown up on the Target special. A. didn't care!

2. Popsicles (they were eaten before I could get a picture.)
3. Popcorn
4. Persian Pickle Club(Read in the semi-dry zone in the shade.)
How did you spend your weekend?


  1. what a great weekend! your little one is so cute- and i LOVE golden retrievers! i have a mastiff and pretend he's a golden. :)
    my weekend was not so great, but not a total loss. saw a kid movie, made a father's day card... if the weather clears, we're headed to the park tonight!

  2. Holly..what a fun weekend! I will have to tell you all about my weekend...later! :) I bet A loved the pool! She is a cutie patootie. Oh, BTW, I love those pants you have on in that pic! I need some! :)

  3. as my daughter says "Camo is really the thing!"

    we got our house done this weekend-the siding got painted and we got a new roof!! YIPPEE!!

    and now the boys are off at camp--it's quiet!

  4. What a great weekend! I found you via Jill's blog. Living in South Florida most of my life, I happen to love the flamingo. Went to Flamingo Gardens all the time:) I went on Gymboree site today and wouldn't you know it...flamingo pjs on sale! Here I go, rambling. Great blog!


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