Bright Lights, Big City

It arrived yesterday in my email. I held my breath and scrolled down the page. Would I be stepping up my training and leaving on a jet plane in early November? Nope. Not this year at least.

On a big whim a few months ago, I entered the giganto lottery for the NYC Marathon. If Lance could do it, so could I. Of course, he had a support crew made up entirely of elite runners, but I have Scott and A., right?

I'm not too terribly disappointed this isn't my New York year. It's one of my Oh My Goodness running goals, I'm sure I'll get there someday.


  1. Sorry you didn't get in. But I'm glad you can keep it as a goal!

    I'll have to check out FNL. That's not one we've gotten into, but I've wanted to see it.

  2. Even though you didn't make the lottery, It's so brave of you to enter! You are such an inspiration :-)

  3. Oh, Holly! You are my hero..for real! I love ya girl!

    Next year!

  4. how cool would that be to do the NYC marathon?! i pretend i'm doing it with lance's team when i use the nike running coach- i have to try not to laugh when i hear alberto salazar, though- he sounds nothing like i thought he would..and the placement of the prompts is just weird.
    which marathon are you training for?

  5. Hi - I'm your favorite things swap buddy! Do you have me, or do I just have you? Either way, nice to meet you and I am loving your blog. :) Can't wait to send you some of my favorite goodies!

  6. I think you should go to New York anyway, and instead of running for five hours, eat, shop, see a broadway play, eat, shop some more, sleep, eat, and shop. Seriously. I'll go with you.

  7. i also had an email like this waiting for some news last month and recieved the same results as you... you have so inspired me. really more than you know.


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