Friday Favorites

Not a whole lot shaking around here today. I thought I'd take a moment to list a few things that are making me happy:
  1. Our YMCA. This week A. and I have been there twice . I made friends with the treadmill and she made friends in the children's center. A. starts swim lessons there on Monday.
  2. The Asian salad from McDs. Yes, I'm sure this has been around forever and a day and I'm just now discovering it, but I'm slow sometimes. A. and I stopped by after the Y and since I was still sweaty, I decided I should get something somewhat healthy. For McDs (or as A. would say, "McDonalds, happy to be a part of Sesame Street." They say this right before the Street comes on and she is convinced it IS NOT right unless you say the entire thing.) it was pretty good.
  3. Netflix sent Happy Feet and we are planning on watching it this weekend. Who can resist cute penguins? The March of the Penguins totally made me cry and cheer. Amazing birds, folks.
  4. Hoping to carve out some card/scrapbook time over the weekend.
  5. Getting in 3 days of running this week. I was beginning to think about having to change the title of this meager blog to Coach Potato Bird or something (Brownie Bird?). Let's just say it's been a while since I've run 2 days consecutively. I hope to make it 4 days by running in the morning with the BAF group.

Well, that's five that I can think of. Five seems like a good place to stop since it finishes off the alliteration of Friday Favorites nicely. Or should I say, fabulously?

What are your Friday Favorites? What plans do you have for this weekend?


  1. you saw mine already! So glad it's the weekend.

    I'll have to try that salad. It sounds good.

  2. run. sleep. drink coffee. swim. eat.

    Doesn't sound really exciting! HA I hope to see you in the morning at the school....6AM Baby! :)

  3. Hey Holly,
    I saw your post on Melissa's blog...trying to find out about these Fabulous Fridays!! Sounds like you had wonderful things to list! Good luck with the running, I'm just trying to get myself off the couch! :) Have a great weekend!


  4. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I hope to just relax! We have had something going everyday between parades and rodeos I am worn out!

    I hope to just play with kids and put away more veggies!

    I haven't tried the salads at McDonalds! K. doesn't know that MD's even exists! I know I am horrible-

    Scrapbooking what is that!!! Sounds fun- Maybe something I should try! (Ha) When will I ever get the chance to scrapbook again???

  5. what a great day! we're hanging out waiting for shane to come home. how cool that you have a group to run with!


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