I Was Rendered Speechless

A few weeks ago I noticed a striking lady in a restaurant. I really liked her hairstyle, the color and the cut. Feeling bold, I complimented her hair and asked where she gets it done. What do you know, she is a stylist. She gave me her card and told me where her salon is located. I planned on making an appointment in a few weeks.

Well, today was the day. I was excited to check out a new salon and cute up my hair. I called this morning and a very pleasant girl told me that T. had an opening next Tuesday. I was thrilled, so quick! She started to take my information and I said I was a new client. Pause. I sensed something. But what? The pleasant girl asked if I was aware that T. charges $100 for a new client haircut? Then $60, on up for color.

I.Was. Speechless.

After a pause, I stammered, "Excuse me, did you say $100 for a haircut?"

And she did. Seriously.

I mumbled something about T. giving me her card... but I didn't realize...and refinancing...and payment plans...and thank you very much, buh-bye.

Now, my next question is who pays this ridiculous amount for a haircut?


  1. $160?? Yikes! JUST the cut?! Whew!

  2. That is crazy! I can see if it was everything, but that is too much. Hope you luck out somewhere else?!!

  3. Good GRIEF!!!!!! I pay $50 and I thought that was astronomical.

  4. That's insane, it's a good thing you found out on the phone and not at the salon AFTER your hair cut.

  5. If she's good, I'd say it might be worth it (don't throw things at me, I'm serious!). But you'd have to see her work on someone else...I'm sure she doesn't cut her own hair. I'd never pay that without seeing their work first!

  6. OH. MY. WORD. Are you SERIOUS? I'm so glad you found out beforehand! Now, I love the girl who cuts my hair, but I'd never pay that much!


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