Joy in My Mailbox

Just wanted to share a little of the joy that has found its way to my mailbox recently. Lacie sent 2 fun surprises, some yummy Crystal Light hard candies and some fab fibers for my scrapbook projects. Thanks Lacie! Heather sent an outrageous inflatable pink flamingo (I still need to give it some air) that was a great surprise along with a sweet note. Thanks Heather! Macy sent A. a thank-you note, and A. was sooo excited to get her own Good Mail! She calls it "goodie mail".

Maria also sent a thoughtful note. Thank you Maria! Kim surprised me with a note and a cute chicken notepad. How fun! All of these goodies certainly perked up my mailbox last week.

Good Mail is of course fun to receive. It's such a helping of joy and sunshine in my mailbox, instead of the usual deluge of bills, catalogs, fliers, etc. I think it's also fun to send. I enjoy looking for little treats (nothing expensive) that my friends might like. Just a little something to let them know they are being thought of. I also enjoy making and sending a card that will hopefully brighten their day. Stopping by the post office isn't that bad at all knowing I'm doing it for someone else. Now A. is aware of Good Mail, both receiving it and sending it. I hope it will be a habit that stays with her as she grows up.

Have you sent some Good Mail recently? Try it, you'll like it!

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  1. Good mail is my new obsession. Whenever I am having a icky day, I send out some good mail. Always cheers me up thinking about how surprised the person will be. I linked to your blog through Jill's. I see that you live in TX. We lived in San Antonio for 6 years and then moved back to Nebraska 2 years ago. My husband's mom and stepdad live in Horseshoe Bay. We really enjoyed our time in TX and are glad we get to go back often.

    Have a great weekend!


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