A Little Bug Talk

I picked up one of those bug catcher things at the dollar store the other day. It's not as fancy as some, but it seems to work just fine. After a few trips outside preparing the container, then searching for bugs in the 90+ (and it's only June folks) Texas heat, A. devised a different approach:

She decided it was a whole lot easier to let the bugs come to her. She set the catcher down and went back inside saying she'd check later to see if she got any. That's my girl!


  1. found you through What's Up Buttercup. Enjoyed browsing your blog. I'm a fellow Jane Austen lover too!

    Your daughter is precious.

    Melissa @ Breath of Life

  2. That is SO funny!!! Love it! What a smarty, A is!

  3. K. could show A. a few tricks! His bug catcher is always full! He also knows how to catch frogs- Can we say BOY!!!

    Did any insects find a new home?

    Sorry about the heat! That is one good thing here- 90+ with out humidity is very different then 90+ with humidity! Sounds like you need to make a trip to North Texas!
    Miss ya!

  4. She's obviously a brilliant girl with better things to do!


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