Running Rewards or My Warped Sense of Logic

This afternoon I admitted to myself that I ran this morning...

so I could make these this afternoon. A tasty trade-off, but I probably didn't do enough of the above to really balance it. Oh well!


  1. oh my gosh- i totally thought i was the only one who did this! :) saturday my run was purely so i could enjoy a cinnamon roll at the farmer's market. honestly...if i would stop baking and running, training may go so much better!

  2. a girl after my own heart! :)

  3. Oh, no - it totally counts. Any serious runner knows that you can/should eat what you want as a reward for burning off all those calories. You go girl!

  4. i agree. as long as you run, you can put anything into your body. isn't that wht we do it?

  5. I so do this more times than I care to admit. Today's workout was for nachos tonight. :P


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