Part Girl, Part Fish?

A. started her swim lessons at the YMCA yesterday. She is a Pike, which is a beginner. Naturally, she thinks she can swim already without any help, but she has been sadly misinformed. Coach Kate has been teaching her cool little tricks like scooping ice cream, brushing off peanut butter from her ears(backstroke), blow out birthday candles, etc.

A. "scoops some ice cream"then...

swims backwards and then...

plays with the squirty fish before she...

sings "5 Little Speckled Frogs" and jumps in (her highlight of the morning.) Before you knew it, 40 minutes had passed and class was over. A. loved every minute of it too. I enjoyed watching all the little ones "swim". The coaches make it fun and the groups are small. Each child wears a sugar cube belt/float, and they use noodles, kick boards and floating barbells. Cool stuff.

Let's take a moment to reflect back to the turn of the past century, well, okay circa 1972. Here I am at my swim lessons. I am the second from the right, sitting on the step. We had no noodles, floaties, squirty fish. Nada. I still managed to learn though and I think I remember it being fun.

My mom did bribe me to jump off the diving board or dive into the pool with either trampoline time or stopping by the 7-11 for an ice cream sandwich. Usually I performed for ice cream. Not much has changed, eh?


  1. Holly...that is such a sweet blog. I loved seeing A at swim lessons! And the pics of you at your lessons...priceless. Thanks for sharing!

  2. so cute! i love that you scanned pics of yourself in! we had ice cream post swimming lessons, too- it was right across from the pool. (which is now a parking lot).

  3. So cute. Love the flashback to you and comparing it to her. There's a scrapbook page in the making...

  4. This post is so cute! I love the flash back. My grils start their lessons in July. I remember my mom didn't have to talk me into jumping off the high dive when i was five. I'm not sure what gave me the courage back then, because I'm not sure I would even do it now!

  5. my daughter is like yours-so brave and thought she could swim from the get go. It's probably too long here for a comment (maybe a post in itself). anyway, the way we got my five year old son and his buddy to jump off the diving board was to have his 2 year old sis jump in first! :)


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