Priceless Pink Dreams

If money were no object, what fabulous PINK items would you absolutely love to have?
What? You've never considered this? Well, I have pink dreams...big ones.

First, I would vacuum with this beautiful pink machine, while wearing a pink sundress, pearls and heels (of course) then...

I would drive away on this pink dream, waving to all my friends and calling out "Ciao, baby". I can see it...someday. Can you?


  1. I heart that scooter! As for the vacuum, its nice but I'd actually have to use it! HA HA

  2. I just got the yellow Dyson for Mother's Day, but I think the pink one is darling.

    By the way, The Diary of Mattie Spenser is one of my favorite books!

  3. Love the pink!!!! Yes, I can totally see you on the scooter (with Flo strapped to the back)!

  4. I'm laughing..."Ciao, baby" I could SO see you on there though!


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