Stay Away From the Crazy Lady Sweetheart

Avert your eyes. Walk on the other side. Talk in hushed tones.

Who is this crazy lady?

That would be me.

This morning I was a 100%, high-voltage crank pot. Snippy, snarly, queen of tortured sighs...you name it. Scott left a bit early for work. I didn't know why I was so off, then I thought about dates. Yep, it's about that time again. Joy.

The other day I saw a snippet on the Today Show about foods to avoid to treat PMS, like caffeine and salt. This is not the time I want to avoid any food. I seem to need coffee in an IV and a steady diet of Tex-Mex. They suggested other foods to replace the good stuff you avoid, but I don't want any of that. (Can you hear my whine?)

I am better now. Exercise does wonders, thank goodness. I attacked the elliptical and the bike and they brought me back from the dark side. For a while.


  1. Girl, I don't miss those days at all!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

    P.S. - I like your new look!

  2. You have a new look, too! :) I love it.

    I'm glad the exercise worked for you. I'll have to try that next time around. ;) My doc said calcium and exercise. blah blah blah. I find alternating between popcorn and chocolate helps me the most. hahaha.

  3. ah- i know that feeling all too well- and i totally agree- somehow a good workout gets it out of my system for the most part- that and brownies... :)

  4. I know!!! It has been raining here-between the rain and camping I haven't run once this week!

    I am glad the day got better!

  5. I know the feeling...anyway, thanks so much for the advice on the training. I love getting different opinions from people. It's so helpful! I'm hoping today was a better day!


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