These Really ARE a Few of My Favorite Things

I was just tickled pink to find a package from my swap partner waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday. When I opened the envelope, I saw all these wrapped goodies from Stephanie. She lives in Wisconsin and is mom to 2 adorable little people. I was so excited to receive some of her favorite things. Look how pretty...

I could hardly stop myself from opening them immediately, but I waited to take a quick picture before discovering all this...

How did she know I am a true soap junkie? Coconut lime is one of my faves! Somehow she also knew my affection, okay, obsession with all lip balms, glosses, glazes, sticks, etc. This one smells so yummy and is a sweet, soft blush of pink. Thanks Stephanie! Wait... there's more...

She also sent pure devilish goodness wrapped in paper. Yes, that's right a decadent dark chocolate with cherries bar of joy. Can't wait to eat it! What's that sound you hear? Oh, my lips smacking, sorry! (Hee Hee) Who knew we liked the same type of pen? Well, she did of course. These are the best, put out your eye, sharp pens. Thanks again! Yes, there is still more goodness...

Stephanie also included a copy of Real Simple magazine. Can I jump into that hammock right now? I have always admired this magazine, but never bought one for myself. I can't wait to read it. Thank you again, Stephanie, for sharing a few of your favorite things with me.

This swap was such a fabulous experience. How fun to meet someone new and share bits of ourselves! Love that. It was a great way to make a new friend in Blogville and make the world a bit smaller. Can't wait to swap again sometime!


  1. heehee...I'm SO glad you liked everything. :)

  2. looks like you all had a really great swap....I will certainly think about joining in on the next go around.

  3. oooh! FUN! I LOVE real simple magazine- my mom keeps a renewing subscription for me (i think she's trying to tell me something...). i love a good pen, too. i've been a g-2 fan for years, but i'm finding you just can't go that wrong with a pilot pen. :)


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