Thursday Tidbits

The Good:
  • A. loves her swimming lessons. She can't wait to continue next week. No bribery needed.
  • Since we're already at the Y, I have gotten in 3 pretty good workouts.
  • A. enjoys the child center at the Y. They play outside, read stories, do crafts, etc.
  • Our mornings have flown by.
  • A. has napped.
  • I did find a neat treat for the FT Swap. (The other things will be handmade.)
  • The Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad from TGI Friday's. I know, just a large-chain-somewhat-overpriced salad...but it's truly Dee-Lish!

The Not so Good:

  • My weekly cleaning routine has been rudely knocked off its track.
  • Therefore I've been a bit out of sorts and feeling like I can't catch up.
  • A. has been staying up later. Sigh. The Catch-22 of those naps!
  • She still gets up with the birds though.
  • I haven't had a lot of free time to work on my things for the Favorite Things Swap. Eeek!
  • It took me 4 days to make Tuna Fish Salad. Why, you ask? We bought the eggs on Monday, but it was already lunchtime. Tuesday we boiled the eggs and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Wednesday we were hardly home. Finally today, A. was able to eat the tuna fish she has been asking for all week. Sometimes it's just the simple things that do me in.

Thankfully, there aren't really any bad or ugly things (I wanted to do The Good, The Bad & The Ugly list, felt a little like Clint today). This evening I was so happy to clean my sink. It was like this ridiculous weight was immediately lifted. I know, get over myself. In my small, somewhat OCD riddled world, a clean, shiny sink determines my mood. Yeah, there are some control issues within my little world.

Do you have a Good, Bad and Ugly list this week?

1 comment:

  1. the tuna salad story cracks me up. It sounds like we have had some parallel times in our week- K is also staying up later and is now napping again (after a hiatus). i am so impressed that you're making something for the swap! i'm not nearly that talented.
    i can understand the glory of a clean sink AND control issues in your world! i think if i could get the house vacuumed today, it would make all the difference in my world. it's been a little ugly schoolwise this week and really stressful- something as simple as a vacuum cleaner helps me restore order to my life. :) my husband just doesn't get it- he's happy to be living in chaos...which is probably good for the next couple of years for him, very anxiety provoking for me!


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