The Truth Hurts

This has been my routine every Friday night for the last several weeks:

  1. Lay out running clothes and shoes.
  2. Fill Fuel Belt bottles.
  3. Check running bag for Garmin & iPOD; check battery levels.
  4. Set alarm for 5:10 a.m in order to meet BAF group at the school for 7@6.
This has been my routine every Saturday morning for the last several weeks:
  1. Turn off alarm.
  2. Stay in bed.
Seriously. And I thought this week would be different.

I suppose in a way it was, because instead of

we went to

for breakfast.


  1. Your so funny!! I missed you Sat. morning. I got up to run but walked more than I ran.

  2. I think having lofty goals is always a good idea - even if we never bring them to fruition. I have a lofty goal in which I stop eating junk food every day (still waiting to actually carry it out though). Ah well.

  3. ACK. Well, everyone gets in a rut from time to time. I'm with Stie. Every day I say I'll start eating healthier, and every day I blow it.

  4. Cute post! I think I would prefer Sunday to Sturday. I can't believe you get out of bed so early. Such an inspiration. Hope you having a great Sunday!

  5. Oh thank heaven you're normal, that early morning running schedule is frightening, sleeping in and going to breakfast is a much better plan.

  6. that cracks me up! runners operate at crazy times- especially mothers who run. sleep is another kind of training- not necessarily IN PLACE of training! :)

  7. what I meant (b/c this comment has bothered me all night) is that sleep is valuable in its own right and should be practiced often. i hope that makes it sound more like i meant... :)

  8. ok that is early. i don't think i could get up that early to eat choc. chip cookie dough.

    i an so intrigued by your running shorts you have on your side bar. i need some new running shorts that work, i would love a post with links to your favorite running stuff!

  9. Oh Holly..it's HOT out there..and muggy..even THAT early!! You'll get there. One of these mornings... Until then...enjoy your rest with the rest of us! (oh..except Heather obviously!)


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