A. vs. Umbrella Stroller

It started as a great morning. A. went to visit her Pappo and my feet had a much needed appointment with a swirling tub of bubbles, serious scrubbing and finished off with a polish called "My Chihuahua Bites" (gotta love OPI polish). I think I almost danced out of the salon.

I picked up A., along with 2 caramels for later, Pappo always has an interesting array of treats. My plan was to head to the mall to make a quick return. We stopped by home for a bit to freshen up. In the 2 minutes after we arrived, the plumbers arrived. Surprise! (We have been having repair/reconstruction done for the past several months. 3 words: shower pan failure. Thank goodness for State Farm. Maybe we'll be asked to do a commercial someday). Sadie, our sweet but high strung Golden Retriever, commences to bark her fur off. Executive Mommy Decision: stay at the mall for a while.

A. will be 4 in September. This is a murky age I am learning. One minute A. is an agreeable Pollyanna, the next she is Linda Blair's twin. You never know. One area of contention is the stroller. It's hard to allow her to walk beside me, if we're going to be more than say, a minute. She doesn't want to ride either, unless it costs $5.00 and comes in blue or red with four wheels. I was not going to pay to rent a "car" when we had the umbrella stroller. I asked her if she wanted to walk beside me or ride. She said she would ride in the stroller. I should have suspected something right then and there.

We were barely inside the air-conditioned splendor before she decided she wanted to walk. The next hour or so was spent dealing with this as we meandered around the mall. Joy.

We won't even talk about the visit to the MAC counter. I earned that lipstick though!

Really, I must have lost my mind because I actually strolled us into the epitome of pre-pre-preteen girl Heaven--Claire's. I haven't been in there since high school. Seriously, what was I thinking? A. is just discovering all the girly accoutrement, but barely. Here I am putting her front and center! Smart mom moment. Anyway, the objective was to find stretchy bracelets for A. Somehow we made it out alive, given the store is the size of a cracker box jammed to the ceiling with glittery junk, er, I mean stuff, and I was pushing an octopus in a stroller. I already had visions of my latte later.

Lunch came next and things were looking up. I wish I owned Chick-Fil-A stock. We even got a cookie. I relented and let her push the stroller. Now, this is Friday afternoon at the mall folks, it was fairly crowded. In fear that she would knock someone down, I tried to help her push one handle. This was the next battle. I tried to give her some freedom and then step in when she veered too close to some unsuspecting JC Penney patron.

Soon we (me) were malled out. I had seen enough skin, although not at the beach, to last for a long time and I was about to throw the stroller under a bus. I checked my watch. We had just enough time to get home for a nap, before it really would have been too late. I did figure into my calculations the time spent picking up my latte though. Of course, by this time it had grown from a grande to a venti.

The plumbers were gone, Sadie was calm. Ahhh. Once A. was snoozing, I savored every last delicious drop. I wish I owned stock in Starbucks too.


  1. There is nothing quite so bad that Starbucks can't cure, is there ;D

  2. LOL! That's quite a day. Sounds like it was productive despite the extra "help". :-)

  3. hahahaha, Linda Blair. Well put. (my son will be 4 in Dec.)

    Love the Mac shade, too. hmmmm...



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