We Were THAT Family

At your local Target store this morning. The one with the loud little girl you could hear from 7 aisles over. Mmm-hmm, the same little girl trying to do cartwheels on the oh so clean floor. The one swinging from her father's arm singing about Diego. I'm so very proud.

Hope we didn't compromise your shopping experience too much.


  1. I SO relate, Holly...really, I do! LOL

  2. I relate as well!! Hang in there girl!

  3. That is what makes Target go 'round, Holly! Embrace it!

    heehee. (we've been THAT family so many times)

  4. huh? i can't quite hear you. i'm 3 aisles over with my kid singing and yelling. meet you in the middle! :)

  5. That's not bad, it's usually the screaming kids throwing fits with the child-abusing parents that ruin my shopping experience, I never mind happy kids.


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