An Afternoon Excursion

All in all, it was better than I expected. After gymnastics, A. and I headed over to our local running store. I found my shoes, Mizuno Wave Creation 7, actually marked down since they were last year's model. I was tickled pink, literally, because the shoes have pink on them. Every year shoe companies modify each style and I hated to let my pink shoes go. Ha! Not yet! Woo. And hoo.

I also ordered the newer Mizuno Wave Creation 8 in my size. No longer pink, but a passable silver and yellow. My plan is to alternate my shoes between weekday and longer Saturday runs. A. hugged the sales lady who was completely caught off guard by the joy that is A. She has cats, not children. Oh well. A. only ran on the treadmill once, tried to readjust the video camera, rearrange one small display, and jumped off their bleachers twice. Not bad for 15 minutes.

In a bold move, we ventured down the shopping center to a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch. It's fun to try different types of food from time to time. I want A. to try new things too and realize that a nugget is not her only option. The presentation of the veggie sampler did not impress her 3.5 year old palate. She decided that grape leaves and baba ghanouj were ick, falafel was passable, and pita bread was the best. We tried. Oh, um...yeah, I knocked my tea over and tried to leave with my head held high with the wet marks down my shirt and of course...crotch. Good times.


  1. Yay for new shoes and Mediterranean food. Sounds like a good day!

  2. Sounds like a fun little trip. How is it our little ones can do sooooo very much in just a short period of time. When I leave stores I feel like everyone knows my kids names because I say them so much.

    (found your blog through a comment on tip junkie I have enjoyed reading your past posts. Good luck with the marathon:)

  3. Oh, why is it that we only do embarrassing things like that in public? I NEVER spill on myself at home. NEVER. But get me in a white blouse in a restaurant? I am sure to leave with ketchup down the front. Ugh.

    Glad you got some good running shoes. I've never tried that brand - primarily a Nike Shoxx girl. Let me know how they work out for you!

  4. I hate those kind accidents... one time I spilled a huge cup of ice on my lap on an eight-seater air pland and screamed, "My crotch! AHHH!" ... Not very subtle.

  5. Holly - Congratulations! You've won the Tip Junkie giveaway! Please e-mail Lisa to claim your prize, mytrainerlisa@gmail.com. Pick your size and color of Classic Shirt. She'll help you decide.

  6. I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. The food sounded yummy and congrats on the new shoes and also on winning the giveaway!!

  7. How fun! Sorry about the tea incident...if I were there, I'd have spilled some on me too and we could walk out together with heads held high. Ok..well.. maybe not..but I'd still be seen with you! HA! Love ya girl!

  8. YOU WON!! Cool! Can I borrow your shirt? :)

    How was your run this morning? I didn't see you after...did you sneek off?? :)

  9. congrats on the shoes! i love it when the shoes you like are actually in colors you want.
    way to go introducing A to mediterranean food! my guy is stuck on meat and dairy products, so i'm not sure if he'll ever get out of that mode!
    your tea story cracked me up- i can totally see myself doing that!


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