Get Your Running Groove On

I'm about to talk about something very personal folks. Hope you can handle it.

My running music.

I have an iPOD shuffle clip-on. This is my best little running buddy. We are very attached, I'm not sure I could run without it. Even when I am with a group I have my music. I don't mean to appear rude or anything, but it really keeps me going. I keep the volume low-ish so I can talk to others as we pass.

I have roughly 150 songs loaded. The music varies from rock, pop, alternative, and some hip/hop. If I am running in an event I listen to the play list, if I'm just running/exercising I use shuffle. Before a race I like to add a couple of new tunes or rearrange things a bit. Hey, anything to help distract my mind from what my body is trying to do!

Here are 6 recently added songs:
Rehab by Amy Winehouse
Irreplaceable by Beyonce' *
Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
Maneater by Nelly Furtado
Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5
No Hay Igual by Nelly Furtado*

I do try to get the edited/cleaner version from iTunes, that doesn't make all the songs okay, but...

Here are some faves:
Fergalicious by Fergie *
Wind it Up by Gwen Stefani
Que' Onda Guero by Beck *
Country Grammar by Nelly
The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani *
Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen
Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas *
Girl by Beck
American Woman by Lenny Kravitz*
I Just Wanna Live by Good Charlotte*
M!ssundazstood by P!nk *

Old School:
Proud Mary by Tina Turner *
Baba O Riley by The Who
Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones *
Ain't That A Shame by Cheap Trick
What I Like About You by The Romantics
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard

I Love the 80s & 90s:
Brass Monkey by The Beastie Boys
Desire by U2 *
Rag Doll by Aerosmith
Hurts So Good by John Cougar Mellencamp*
Shake It Up by The Cars
Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
Let's Go Crazy by Prince *
My Sharona by The Knack
Just a Girl by No Doubt*
Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses

I Can't Believe It's On My iPOD/Guilty Pleasures:
Get Right by Jennifer Lopez*
It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
Hey Ya! by OutKast
I'm Glad by Jennifer Lopez
Switch by Will Smith
Yeah! by Usher

**Artists that really get my feet running.

What are some of your favorite running songs?


  1. So love that you have "It Takes Two" on your ipod. Love it, love it!

  2. I love when people list playlists...I try and list mine on occasion.

    So, we have similar tastes...I have several of the songs you have. One I didn't see was Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back. This is probably my very most favorite running song right now. Seriously, I love it! JT just gets me going.

    And I know what you mean with the music. Even when I go running with my friend from work, I listen to her with one ear and my iPod with the other.

  3. Oh, and if you haven't heard it, the Japanese version of Avril's "Girlfriend" is even better than the original!

  4. Thanks for sharing your play list! I would be sooo embarrassed to list mine! It is so Me...however I think others would get a good laugh! How many people can run to Josh Tunner? (Ha)

  5. It was hard to admit to some of these songs! I like to find out what others run to though. It's fun to see what works for everybody and maybe find some new tunes too.

    Chloe: Yes, in the spirit of all honesty--I have SexyBack on my list too. There. I admitted it! :)

  6. We have very similar tastes...you've got a few that I've been missing. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am not a runner but I used to like Bootylicious & Dirrty when I was on the treadmill. :) I love so many of your songs and can see exactly why you picked them.

    Like I'm Glad - LOVE IT. And Hey Ya! Good stuff.

  8. love this! i'm always looking for new songs to run to. i too have lots of these, but there are a few newbies. thanks!

  9. I enjoy your guilty pleasures too and think that's the beauty of music. You never know what's going to "move" you, and when it comes to running anything that works is good stuff.

  10. i love that your playlist looks so similar to mine! i saw a few good ones i don't have and wouldn't have thought of adding to my run... i love my sharona. :) so many songs with memories in your list!

  11. I've just started running and stumbled on your blog. Loved your music, I will have to add some to my playlist. Thanks!

  12. I love it when people post their playlists. It gives me some good ideas for my own. I can attest to Chloe's declaration of the Japanese version of Girlfriend. It really is better. When it plays while I'm on a run it puts an extra spring in my step, not to mention a smile on my face which is practically unheard of for me when running.

    I listen to a lot of dance/techno when I run. I definitely need a good beat and techno definitely provides that. Some of my favorite artists to run to are ATB, Tiesto, Faithless and Basement Jaxx.


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