Home Again...Home Again...

Jiggety-Jigg. As of Friday afternoon, we are back home. Being home is nice, having rows of boxes along each wall, not so nice. Sleeping in my own bed is nice, still not having a finished master bath, not so nice. Sigh.

Now that we've "moved" out and returned to reassemble our home I am bitter that the whole project is NOT finished. I am tired of pottying in one bathroom, showering in another, getting dressed in another room...upstairs/downstairs...where are my shoes?

I'm so over having contractors show up whenever, often at odd times, usually unexpected.

We have been too patient. Too understanding. Oh, another delay...well, okay. No work for a week or two? All right. I think we're going to have to change our persona. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Our wheels are about to squeak as loud as they can. I'm out of metaphors, but I still want my house finished. (Sorry for sounding like a petulant toddler, but it's been a long 6 months.)

On a positive note, having to "move" out allowed us to sort through "Stuff"" that we obviously don't need or use and get rid of it. That's a good thing. I'm also rearranging things a bit too. This is also a good thing. Of course this rearranging and de-cluttering will lead to a few trips to Marshall's and Hobby Lobby to refresh the decor some. It's only fair right?


  1. So glad to hear your home. So sorry about the remodel. Good job on de-junking.

  2. So sorry about how things have been going. What I said before...about helping you unpack..I meant it! Don't hesitate!! Sounds like we need an unpacking party! LOL

  3. UUUGGHH! The boxes and moving thing is all too familiar and there they still sit...my "arizona boxes". I am not sure if I am dreading going through some of them or holding onto the fact that the last time it was all out in the open was in AZ. Still a little homesick. The contracter thing....I am a firm believer that they leave us not choice but to be firm and a little unfriendly. They have their own agenda and way FOR SURE! Hand in there and hopefully you will be put back together house and all real soon!

  4. I'm so sorry about the mess and hope it is all finished much sooner than later.

  5. that's a bummer it's not done yet! those delays get frustrating...and then unbearable! I hope they finish soon!!!

  6. Oh, I am feeling your pain on the contractor nightmare. Ours are gone now or my head would be exploding. Seriously.

    Hang in there. And yes, several trips to "refresh" the decor as you put it, are ALWAYS in order.

  7. Glad your home again and very envious that you are close to a Hobby Lobby! I love, love that store. My sis is in Houston and I frequent it everytime I'm there. Totally understand about picking through things and seeing what you need or don't need. Hope all is well!

  8. Hi I founf your page from Boomams! Contractors can be a nightmare! Go ahead put your foot down! Or they will walk all over you!


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