I Don't Believe We've Met...

Hi there! I'm that puddle of sweat over there. Nice to meet you. Yes, the training has begun and note to self, please purchase some waterproof mascara. Soon. I'll run and all that, but I've gotta have my lashes since everything else sweats off. It's all about priorities.

This evening Ma and Pa Kettle and a dog named Sadie loaded up from the hotel, had to stop by the house for more, ahem, stuff, then drove out to a local greenbelt. Scott and A. played and Sadie got some sniffing and panting in. I got to sweat. I was only running for like 30 minutes and I'm convinced my sweat formed multiple offspring in that short time. I think the temps were still around the 90s or at least high 80s...and it was 7:00! I was quite thankful for the occasional breezes. I'm all about the little things.

Overall, I got my first weekly training run in and I survived, just melted..


  1. Way to be hard core. ;-) Oh, this darn training stuff. It's so painful and so addictive all at the same time.

  2. UM. Ex-cuuuuse me? You put on mascara to run? That's funny!!!! :-)

  3. I did four miles this morning at 6:30 and came home a soggy pile of sweat. What is it about the humidity? I hate it - it just drains me.

    P.S. Totally love the running skirt. Thanks a million for the heads-up on that.

    P.S.S. I CANNOT believe you wear mascara to run in. Hilarious!

  4. I'm back...but I totally love that you wear mascara. I'm sorry, but you feel so gross and sweaty running and mascara makes a difference. I fully intend to put some on before St. George. I'm going to be taking pictures and I want to like them. Somehow, even gross and sweaty, mascara helps.

  5. Way to go...you are inspiring. I am still not used to the humidity and can't wait to head home to AZ in August for some good 6am runs in cool crisp weather. Is there a difference if you run early in the day in such humidity?

  6. You are so funny! I love that you run with mascara. I was a swimmer for years and years, so I am used to the raccoon look after exercising. Not a fan (on me, at least!).

    It's hot here, too (Rhode Island). But my basement is nice and cool, so that's pretty much where hubby, the 2 doggies and I camp out when we are home!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  7. Sunshine, unless I'm out before the birds are up, it's just pretty humid...no way around it. I do like running in the early AM the best, but it's hard to get up that early. I need to retrain myself!
    Enjoy the dry, crisp mornings in AZ--can I stow-away?


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