It's a Long Way Down...

From my high horse. Two stories to share...

I have recently been figuring out a bit more of "techie" thingies. Just a little, but I was getting pretty proud of myself. I can tinker with my blog layout, add pics & videos, and (don't fall out of your chair) even do a smidge of html code. Yesterday, after a long round of hotel pool swimming and a short walk to Starbucks, A. was down for her nap. I thought I would watch something on our DVD player. I hooked up the cord, got my salad all ready, eager to watch an episode of Bones. Put the disk in, push some buttons...nothing, a bit of tinkering...nothing. I gave up and ate my salad sans Bones. Later I told Scott that something was wrong with the DVD player, it wouldn't work, blah, blah. He simply asked, "Did you turn it on?" Apparently there is a power button on the side. I thought it was part of the latch mechanism.

The other little story relates to Bible class. This quarter I am teaching the 2 year old class. We recently promoted, so these little ones are so "fresh". I do most of the talking and singing, asking questions to several blank, but adorable faces. Anyhoo, most of the class was practically born in Bible Class, which is wonderful. I now realize though, that I take it for granted. The last two weeks we've had a couple of sweet little visitors. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I had thoughts of, "They don't know how to sit." and "They don't know how to behave in Bible Class." etc. Meaning, I was going to have to work harder. Um, Duh Holly! I was sweatin' by the end of class, but you know what? It wasn't at all like I feared. They followed what I was doing, they did what I asked and they followed the example of the other boys and girls. I said a quick prayer for forgiveness for my attitude and guidance if these precious visitors return. I humbly realized that these little ones haven't yet had the opportunity or routine of going to Bible Class, that most of the others have, and that hurts my heart.

So, I'm off my High Horse now, and you know what? It's a good place to be.


  1. It is nice to be off the high horse. I just wish I was better at climbing off on my own...instead of being thrown from it.

  2. Your the best holly! You always make my day..... :) Love ya!

  3. Hey- I have horses as neighbors (Ha)! They can be very tall...

    Love ya!

  4. You know, heat rises... so enjoy the cool fresh air from your recent dismount! And thanks for visiting my silly little blog today! :)

  5. Sad for me - I get knocked off my high horse about 140 times a day. Maybe I should stop getting on it, ya think? Nah...where's the fun in that?

  6. Cute stories! I love your little saying at the end about being on your high horse - very clever!

  7. thanks for sharing. those kids have a way of getting us off our horsies don't they?!


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