A Little Bit of Happy

Some things just make me happy. Like immediately. Whether it's stacked up in the cabinet

...or drying on the counter

... or in the dishwasher, there's just something about Fiesta

that makes me HAPPY!

Do you have something that you collect that makes you happy when you see it?


  1. Oh, Lord. You asked the wrong woman. :) Where should I start? heehee

    I know just what you mean, though. Those little things can make me so happy. Like putting a brand new dishtowel on my oven handle today. :)

  2. Fiesta makes me happy too! LOL :)

  3. I don't officially have a collection, but I do have some Fiesta Wear dishes and they make me happy just by sitting in the cupboard or by holding my toast. They're so cute.

  4. i love all the colors... i can see why you would smile.

  5. so cute. i don't have collections, but i do smile when i see the dishes i coveted for a year in my cabinet. :)

  6. I collect my race bibs...the woman who got me to do my first 5k suggested it, so I have every bib from every race I've ever run (sounds impressive, but it's only 5 so far). I have them on my bulletin board and I love looking at them.

  7. I love fiesta, too! I'm such a sucker for bright, fun colors!


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