Live...From Casa de la Hotel

So...um...yeah, we are temporarily homeless now. The pseudo-vacation has begun. The movers finished up Saturday and needless to say I've been a bit out of sorts. I know it's just stuff, but it's our "stuff"---and it's all packed up and gone. I miss it. The downstairs (except for the kitchen and morning room) is completely empty. Everything seems louder and it even echoes. Creepy. Most of the upstairs is filled with boxes and odd "stuff" that the movers packed and stacked up there. We've had to move things around throughout this whole repair process; while it's helped us clear out some things it's put our lives on hold.

As of last night, we are hotel dwellers. I felt like we were Ma and Pa Kettle with all of our bags, hanging clothes, stuff, one high-strung Golden Retriever and two skittish kitties. I'm glad it was already dark. Sadie (our dog) is pacing a track in the carpet already, let's just say she is slow to adjust to new things. I've hardly seen the cats, they've made a home for themselves under our bed.

As we were packing I realized a few things:
  • I over pack way too much--but I can't stop myself. I might need it.
  • We don't have adequate luggage. We were able pack our clothes fine, but it's all the other "stuff" like toiletries, make-up, books, pool stuff, animal stuff...you get my drift...we had all these miscellaneous bags that just seemed silly. But I might need it.
  • I will adjust to hotel life, but I really miss my home and my stuff.
  • When my home is in disarray, I am cranky and not myself. When my home is emptied out and packed away I am cranky and not myself. This could be a long 2 weeks.

The hotel has some perks:

  • housekeeping
  • fresh towels everyday
  • hot breakfast buffet every morning
  • pool
  • they allow our crazy pets
  • snacks in the evening
  • a kitchenette in our room, but as long as there's a coffee pot and a fridge for my creamer, I'm a happy camper
  • A. has her own room, bathroom and queen bed (how will she ever go back to her "daybed"--actually converted crib?)
  • a Starbucks within walking distance
  • Internet--pretty much a deal breaker!

So, um...yeah...maybe hotel life is pretty good after all. We're off to the pool...


  1. Hey,sounds pretty good to me! Can I come stay with you! Really, Clean Towels!!!!!

  2. Well, I'm not in a hotel...with a child, but I do live in a 400 sq. ft. studio over a garage, with no made service or hot breakfast (unless I make it), so I think I can feel your pain. Good luck!

  3. We'll have to have you guys over some so you can stretch out a bit without a zillion people around. Hotel rooms are nice..but a bit stuffy sometimes! You'll do great and time will fly! I'm sure A will be having a blast!

  4. Living in a hotel can be fun, but it can be a bit tiresome after awhile. Our record is 30 days in one. I was glad when our stuff finally arrived :-) At least they have internet!!!

  5. Won't it be so fun to get back home! All of your stuff will look even better than it already does. I feel that way after even a weekend away. :) It sounds pretty good so far...thanks for the updates!


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