Meet Two of My Best Buddies

No, it's not Helga and Greta, personal masseurs to the stars. While having a massage from time to time is a treat, it can get rather expensive. These buddies are of the inanimate variety, but they are some of the best buddies a runner could have. Who knew that something so simple could be so helpful? Well, obviously the creative inventors that are probably rolling in the dough now. Let me introduce you.

First meet my friend the foam roller.

I use it to roll out my quads, hammies, hips, IT bands(along the side), basically my lower body. You can read about the benefits here. Check out some of the different exercises you can do.

My other best buddy is called The Stick.

It's great for massaging out soreness after runs. It's small enough to carry in your running bag too. You can read more about it here. Just wanted to share a couple of tools that have helped me along the miles. Happy running & walking!


  1. Thanks Holly! :) I could have used that stick this morning..HA :)

    I am gonna buy the stick this season. I didn't last season and regreted it. Do you like the stick or the foam better?

  2. I love hearing about the tricks and tools that work for other people. It makes it so much easier to know what will work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My calves are killing me! Which one is better?

    I still need a fuel belt- I could expand my wings a fly a bit more if I could take my Fuel with me!

  4. i had forgotten about the stick! we have a friend who loves that thing! :)
    i discovered the very best part of being a grad student here- $8 massages. :) our health insurance reimburses 80% and i LOVE it. i miss the person i used to go to, because honestly, he is better for sports related massage, but $50 versus $8? i can sacrifice. :)

  5. Lacie & Heather: I don't know if either is better because they are each a little different. Since you lie down on the foam roller your body weight helps release tension while you roll, especially the IT bands/hips/derriere. The stick feels great against my calves. So, I guess I use it on my lower legs and the foam roller on the upper legs. It also feels good on your lower back.


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