Of Sundays and Spandex

I give the same speech every Saturday night. "We need to leave the house at xx time to get to church on time, or even a bit early". Heads nod, murmurs of agreement are heard. There are only 3 of us involved in this. Well, 2 really, but A. can swing things from one direction to the other very quickly. We have several modern conveniences that make getting ourselves ready much easier. I have this vision in my head of the ideal, calm, Sunday morning. It has never materialized.

Somewhere along the way, no matter our intentions, the wheels come off our plan. We've tried different approaches, from baths at night to laying out clothes and ironing the night before. Those things help, but it always seems we get down to the wire and I still have to wriggle myself into my spandex, throw my dress on and make a mad dash for the door. No matter what the clock says, you can't rush (or skip, gasp!) the spandex.

Instead of driving to church in a pleasant, peaceful, count your blessings way, I am white-knuckled gripping the door handle, gritting my teeth, taking shallow breaths because of the spandex, ready to jump out as soon as Scott slows to a safe speed. This is not the right frame of mind or spirit, I know.

Since spending the night at the church building isn't ideal, the only other option is to do something even more drastic. It is a 2-step plan:

Set my alarm earlier.
Get up when it goes off. Sigh.


  1. I hear you girl! I can't seem to get my family of 5 out the door before Sacrament meeting starts. You're doing a lot better than some of us. ;-) My baby naps right when church starts and I think I've just come to terms that 2008 is going to be our year of consistently on-time to church. I'm cracking up because I wear my "body shapers" almost every Sunday, too. What would we do with out it?

  2. Oh I hear ya. And truly, it doesn't matter. Our church service changed to 11:15 for the summer, and this summer we were almost late! You'd think we'd be 30 minutes early with all that extra time. GAH!

  3. better late than never! I do remember those days. they have gotten better, but sometimes trying to drag a teenager out of bed is like wrestling a 2/3 yr old into church clothes....

  4. It's an age-old problem isn't it, even with just 3 of you. I feel your pain. We now have church at 2:00 so we aren't usually late (how lame would that be?), but at 1:15 we announce the "witching hour" and know we have to scramble with our final preparations (usually shoving food into our mouths) so that the time doesn't get away from us.

  5. I got onto the kids Sunday morning because they both seemed to have time to grab a snack for the car but didn't rememeber their Bible. Then my lovely husband noted that I did't have my Bible either! HA HA Oh, well....

  6. same problem here. we have 1pm church and i'm hoping 9am will be easier for us (we're usually late b/c of the screaming toddler who missed his nap.


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