Oh My!!

I never win anything. In 6th grade my valentine box won, but since then...slim winnings. That's okay, it's still fun to enter because you never know. Imagine my surprise when I saw a comment telling me I had won the Tip Junkie Giveaway. I had to read it a couple of times just to let my non-winning brain (sounds better than loser) grasp the concept. What's really cool is that my friend,Deanna won a t-shirt too, so double yea! I don't know about you, but t-shirts are my fashion staple. Thanks Laurie for hosting a fun giveaway!


  1. how fun that you won the giveaway! that's amazing- have fun with your prize!

  2. i'm so jealous! i never win anything either! not even a v-day box. ha ha ha can't wait to see you and Deanna in your new look! HA

  3. Congrats on winning. Now you can wear your new shirt with your new shoes.:) Just wondering.. I read on an older post about you dealing with planters fa???can't spell it but you know what I am referring to. How did you work through that so that you could run? I would love to run but have some problems with my feet as well.
    btw, I love your haircut it's adorable.


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