RAK Challenge

Random Acts of Kindness
Honestly, this challenge has been well...a challenge. I have had moments where I've thought of something to do, but then I didn't. Room for improvement folks. I did want to share a Random Act of Kindness that blessed us this week at the hotel.

Last August, A.'s Meemaw (Ruby) passed away. She knows that Meemaw is in Heaven and talks about that and also talks about some of her memories. We look at pictures frequently and talk about Meemaw often. A. still surprises us sometime by just blurting out, "I miss Meemaw." There's not a lot we can do about these feelings, just work through them and try to comfort her.

This week at the hotel A. made a special friend, Ms. Connie. Now, honestly, A. makes tons of "friends". We are blessed with Little Miss Social Butterfly. Ms. Connie is a PE teacher at an elementary school in Nashville, TN. and is just so sweet and friendly. We ate breakfast together a few mornings and saw her at the pool some too. She patiently talked with A. about ALL kinds of topics, showed her pictures of her family and friends on her phone, let A. sit on her lap and give her hugs, just on and on with the sweetness. A. really needed to have a connection with a Meemaw figure, even though Ms. Connie didn't know this. Of all our hotel memories I think Ms. Connie will hold a special place in A.'s mind. Thank you Ms. Connie!

We took a picture with my phone, but I have no idea how to get it onto the computer. I will investigate and try to upload it soon. A. and I also plan to send Ms. Connie some Goodie Mail.

Have you done a Random Act of Kindness this week? Were you the recipient of a RAK recently? Do you know how to upload pictures from a MotoRazr?


  1. Holly, I linked to your blog thru Michelle. I am going to work on my random act of kindness this morning. I have been thinking about this challeng this week. What a wonderful opportunity! How cute that Ms. Connie is now a new friend! :)

  2. An odd coincidence or a sign of fate...is it your destiny to run the RAK International Half Marathon? www.rakmarathon.org

    Would be great to welcome you at the Start line.

    Yours in sport, Race Director

  3. I think that is wonderful- I know Ms Connie will love the goodie mail!

    Holly, there are many sweet ladies at church that would love to take on that role for A.

  4. Do you have Tmobile? If you do...send the picture to "My Album" and it sends it to your album on the internet. Then you can do what you wish to it!

    How sweet Ms. Connie was. :)

  5. I wish I lived closer so A. could sit on my lap! She is a precious child. How much longer at the HOTEL ??


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