Random Acts of Kindness

Do you ever do something nice for a total stranger? Something unexpected? Maybe a kind word or thoughtful gesture? If you did, would that person, in turn, pay the kindness forward? Maybe. Hopefully. While I consider myself a polite, usually thoughtful person, I don't often perform random acts of kindness. I'd like to challenge myself to try though. There is a quiet movement beginning to circulate throughout Blogville. It's exciting and could be life changing...for me and those I don't even know.

Two recent posts by Kristi over at Everything Is Pink have gotten me, and a slew of other bloggers, buzzing about the difference our actions can make. You can read more about the challenge and the contest--yes, that's right--a fun contest courtesy of

I'm going to challenge myself to make a difference in this small way and see what happens. I say that Pay It Forward isn't just for Haley Joel Osment anymore--let's all try it.

Would you like to join me?


  1. I'd love to join you...Thanks Holly!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and spreading the word! I look forward to hearing about your R.A.K. (random Acts of Kindness) in the near future!

  3. What a great idea! Can't wait to hear about your RAK.


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