SPT: Embrace Your Inner Geek

This is Geek Week. My time to embrace my inner geek. Celebrate it. I probably have many areas of geekiness, but I will only burden you with two. The first one is Runner Geek. Over the last year RG has blossomed. Thrived. Let's observe some aspects of RG:

First there is my Fuel Belt. It's the cousin to the fanny pack. You must relinquish all pride once you strap it on. In true RG fashion, I wear it all the time. Next we have my training schedule and log. The RG takes copious notes. If only I had a pocket protector. I also have my Garmin Forerunner 201. This is the dinosaur of personal GPS tools, but it works for me. I keep track of my intervals, pace, distance, calories burned (my favorite), average pace, etc. You can do tons of stuff with a tool like this, but I only know the basics. I also have my iPOD. RG also frequently visits this site, and subscribes to the magazine. Running Geek Heaven. Once I'm all strapped up, plugged in, velcroed together, I am the epitome of cool. Yep.

I have also developed another type of geek. The Blogger Geek. BG has become somewhat addicted (65%) to blogging. Reading, posting, commenting, it's all fun. BG is still developing. I know a few basics, along with a smidgen of html code. But really, how do you even say html?

Both views of Blogger Geek.

Running Geek gets along well with Blogging Geek, which is good, since Blogging Geek talks about Running Geek quite a bit. Running Geek also thinks about Blogging Geek while running. All this geek talk...I think I need to go to Best Buy, after a quick stop by the running store.

So, what is your inner geek like? Do tell.


  1. nice!! so glad you are not shy about your geekness!! that is some serious running gear. i'd be too overwhelmed to take the first step!!

  2. Hee Hee! You are such a Geek!! All of that thinking to run- LOL!

    Don't be ashamed to be a GEEK(from one Geek to another)!

  3. I think runner geek and blogging geek balance each other nicely.

  4. Do runner geek and blogging geek have conversations in your head?

    They do in mine.

  5. Oh Stie, there are ALWAYS conversations going on on in my head. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

  6. Holly, I just love your posts....just had to add that.

  7. This was so funny, Holly. Loved it. I am pondering sharing my inner geeks. :)

  8. I've got multiple geek personalities as well. I wish Runner Geek was one of them but Lazy Geek (I have all the accessories and magazines) takes up too much of my time for that.


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