SPT: Where Do You Go to Get Away From It All?

For some time now I have enjoyed reading several bloggers' SPT (Self Portrait Tuesday, or Thursday, or whenever) posts. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to play along too. So, here goes...

This week's challenge was to document where I escape to get away from it all. Right now, since we are staying in a hotel, my choices are limited. You have to roll with it right? Well, here is where one of our cats (Spooky) gets away from it all...(mainly away from A.)...

Sadie gets away from it all on her bed in front of our hotel room's fireplace...

and here is where I get away from it all...running on a local greenbelt. Of course the family came with me, so this time I was only partially "away". Overall though, running is a big escape and retreat for me. It is (usually) completely MY time to listen to music, notice my surroundings, think if I feel like it, and feel my body working. It's just my feet and the pavement. And some sweat.

Another escape for me is a good book and a cup of coffee. Perfect combination, well, maybe with some dark chocolate too.

Where is your escape? Why is it special?


  1. I love A running next to you! Her tongue is all sticking out like she has run 10 miles!! HA HA That girl!!

    My escape is also running. Just getting out of the house, listening to my music, thinking, and enjoying some peace. NO one is pulling on me or needing anything. Not that it is a bad thing...I love my kids but, geez, a little me time is sometimes needed! HA

  2. love that pict! I gotta find that place; my same old routes get dull after a while. it's great that she loves to run w/ you. my oldest will run some "with" me, but he leaves me about a quarter to half mile behind! my daughter will cycle w/ me so that's cool too-but I am also too slow for her liking as well! but it is WAY better than when I used to push them in a stroller!

  3. oh yeah, and a good book and some chocolate!


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