Since my brain has been on hold for a little bit I was so excited to be tagged by Jen and Melanie. Let the fun begin...
Jobs I've had:

1. Sales Associate at The Limited - I was a senior in high school--really, need I elaborate? The Limited was like Mecca at the Mall. I spent more than I could EVER POSSIBLY make and I loved every stirrup pant-ed, baggy shirt-ted, matching sweater-ed, minute of it.

2. Waitress at El Chico - This was in college. El Chico was THE restaurant (we're talking Abilene, TX, folks) at which to eat, especially after church on Sundays. Since hot sauce runs through my veins (it has to negotiate space with the coffee though), discounted Tex-Mex was HEAVEN. I learned how hard waiters/waitresses work, I learned a lot about human behavior (fellow workers and customers), and I learned how fun it is to take home an apron stuffed with cash.

3. Receptionist at 2 different Car Dealerships - We won't discuss.

4. Administrative Assistant for small NASA contractor - After college, my first Real World job. This was kind-of a boring clerical job, but I liked the people, the hours, the salary, feeling like a grown up in a business suit. Pretty good gig.

5. 4th Grade Teacher - Loved the little people. State testing and pressure, not so much.

Films I Can Watch Over and Over Again:

This list could be really long, but the days of movie marathons are over for a while...at least with out interruptions.

1. Coal Miner's Daughter - 3 words: Tommy Lee Jones. "Doo, yer growling like an 'ol bearrr." I freely admit that I love Loretta Lynn and could watch this movie over and over and sing along with every song.

2. Lonesome Dove - I mocked my dad for, like, ever over this mini-series. Ahem, I now own the DVD set. Block out several hours, sit down and get ready for a great western adventure. Drama, humor, friendship, murder, romance...this is such a wonderful story.

3. The Thorn Birds - Sappy, early 80s mini series...yes, but it's sooo good! (I may be under the influence of PMS as I type this.)

4. Broadcast News (really anything with Albert Brooks)

Places I Have Lived:

Okay, this reveals my pitifully sheltered existence.
1. Webster, TX
2. Abilene, TX (college)
3. Webster, TX (same street I grew up on)
Favorite TV Shows (Courtesy of our DVR)

1. Amazing Race
2. House, M.D.
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Friday Night Lights (found this one late, but will tune back in next season for sure)

Favorite Foods:

1. Tex-Mex - today, tomorrow, just call me and I'll be ready

2. Big salads packed with goodies that I don't have to make myself

3. Coffee - in all forms--hot, iced, frapped, frozen
4. Chocolate (Yep, there's gotta be a PMS influence happening right now)
Websites I Visit Daily:
1. Blogs
2. Bay Area Fit
3. Gmail/Yahoo mail
4. Back to more blogs
Places I'd Rather Be:

1. On a beach soaking up the sun, sipping iced tea and reading without interruption, well, except to turn over at appropriate intervals.

2. Somewhere cooler and less humid for the summer.

3. Driving this somewhere beautiful while looking breezy and fabulous.
4. In a restaurant..right now I'm hungry and need to go the grocery store.
People I'm Tagging:


  1. I almost put Broadcast News in my top 4 movies as well, I love that show! I knew I liked you, but now I like you even more!

  2. Everyone has seemed to find Friday Night Lights late so maybe I can get on the wagon even later. It sounds like a great show.

    An apron stuffed with cash, nice! Too bad motherhood and all the feeding doesn't stuff the same way!

    Love your list!

  3. Just passing thru via Chloe...Webster caught my eye...college (SFA)roommate was from Seabrook....have a grand day fellow Texan.

  4. Tex-Mex for me too! Just name the place and time and I'm there.

  5. oh girl! you worked at the limited, are a fan of house, and drive a scooter?! a woman after my own heart! LOL>....
    thanks for visiting my blog and "chiming in"... enjoyed your answers. especially that makeup is inbred for us southerners.
    can i get an amen!?!?

  6. LOL!
    i didn't even notice... .don't worry. i went in and changed it to "mandy".

  7. Mandy: I only WISH I drove that pink scooter, Pink Heaven on Wheels! Hee Hee! Someday.

  8. Oh I looooooooooove Coal Miner's Daughter!

  9. Loved your list of 4's! I don't really know you, but I can "see" you on that pink scooter. So cute!

  10. i love your list! so jealous of your job at limited. :) and i love that pink scooter, too!

  11. I can't wait to to do this...thanks for the tag. :)


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