Thanks Avril

Lavigne, that is. Girl, you brought me home this morning! I needed a kick to get back in gear near the end of my run and Girlfriend worked. There is just something about that song that gets my feet going. Chloe Elizabeth recommended the Japanese version.(Thanks Chloe!) Heads up out there--who knew you could rock out in Japanese? Well, you can!

I think I was running through a wool blanket or something, the humidity just bore down on me. Ick! The group, the tunes, and my rockin' cool running skirt helped me get it done. Thanks guys.


  1. Japanese version? Who knew?

    You looked a little dazed when I finally spotted you this morning! You go girl! :)

  2. Ok- to your not so techno friend...how do I find and get these tunes on my MP3 player?

    Those skirts work wonders!

    I ran with yall this morning. A bit less humidity, but I was right there hurting with ya!

  3. So glad you liked that version. There's something about the Japanese that just makes me smile...even while running.

  4. And Lacie...I got it off of iTunes. I'm not sure where else to find it.

  5. Gotta love Avril. I don't know how you run in the Houston humidity. All I have to say is, "You Go Girl!" That the only thing I don't miss about Houston.


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