A Vacation...of Sorts

We are preparing to go on vacation. Sort of. Usually we'll plan a little trip to another city and stay in a hotel. This time we're only traveling about 5 miles away. Weird, huh?

Several months ago we had water damage (shower pan failure--Eeek!) that put our master bath and family room out of commission. Yes, we're thankful for State Farm! Things are finally to the last stages of repair, but this stage is a doozy.

We have to move completely out of the first floor so all the floors can be sanded and refinished. Hence, the "vacation" a few miles away. It's such a strange feeling though, to "move", but not really move. There are people here packing everything up and A. and I are hiding out upstairs. I'm very thankful they are doing it though, so we don't have to, but it feels strange to have all your "stuff" rummaged through and boxed up.

Here is a sample of some of the repair work to the family room:

So, what will hotel life be like for 2 weeks? Either we'll be spoiled by the towel service and breakfasts or we'll be climbing the walls. Not sure. I'll keep you posted.

A. has heard us talking about packing up, "moving", and going to the hotel. Yesterday morning she came downstairs and announced she was ready to go. She had everything she needed...

...one change of clothes, one pair of pajamas, and two of her stuffed friends. All set. If only it was really that simple!


  1. Maybe Macy and I can come to the hotel for a swim! :) Good luck moving out.... :) The good thing is if you forget something, like your toothbrush, your just a hop skip and a jump away! HA

  2. Well, if you haven't lost your mind during the process so far the next week or so should be a breeze, right? Tour living room looks like it is coming together- the color you had them paint it looks nice too!

    Hang in there girl!

  3. Wow...good luck with that! Your floors look like they will be amazing, though!

  4. They have internet there, right? :) I hope you have fun!

  5. Yes, I HAD to make sure about the 'net! :)

    One other thing I realized I have taken for granted around here are our lamps. They're all packed up and the overhead lights are soooo harsh.

  6. I didn't realize....

    been down that road before. good luck and you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now!

    if only everything was as easy as it seems when you're 3...


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