The Daily Jumble

and i don't mean the newspaper puzzle. my brain is just spinning with randomness, so i thought i would pass some along:

  • girls need girl time, in various forms, with plenty of coffee and chocolate

  • girls are all around better girls after said girl time

  • girls need to be supportive of other girls, be positive and encouraging (thank you girls)

  • giggle time is the best

  • we need to be kinder to ourselves, less critical

  • i need to stop negative self-talk

  • pray

  • what's that saying, "be the change you want"? i need to work towards whatever change i want, even in itsy-bitsy steps

  • jealousy is such a pit, yet i find myself in there from time to time over this or that

  • move forward

  • but also enjoy the present moment too

  • after spending much of my life obsessed, to varying degrees, about my weight, i am letting go of all that. in high school, college off and on, and a few times thereafter, i was what i realize now was fairly thin. yet i was still critical of this or that, not good enough, whatever. i've also been the largest girl in the photo, still critical of myself, wanting to avoid certain situations. missing opportunities and memories. okay. running has made a difference. as long as i am active and making fairly decent choices, i'm not going to moan and groan. "i will praise you (God) because i am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, i know that full well." (psalm 139:14)

  • running has made me a better person in many ways. i think differently, of what is possible, of what i can do now, of what can i do next

  • apparently swim goggles make an almost 4 year old's bath MUCH more fun

what are some of your daily jumbles?


A Sad State of Affairs

I don't know exactly how this happened. Those of you organizing-anti-clutter gurus may want to avert your eyes. At least don't look at it directly. My craft table/area has exploded. It is suffering through many weeks of neglect and laziness. In fact, the whole room is experiencing technical difficulties. Though ashamed of myself, in the spirit of good blogging, I will share the truth with you.

This isn't even a workspace. It's just a table from Office Depot with craft supplies junk on it.

The neglect spreads over to the wrapping center. Yes, I still call it that. Go ahead and laugh, it's okay. I'd like to have all my wrapping paper, tissue paper and ribbon all neatly stored and easily accessible. I've been lazy, hence the stacks.

I don't think I'm up for a major overhaul right now. The plastic storage carts aren't ideal, but they are paid for and working. I need to sort and purge things and rearrange. Now that A. is in Pre K for a few hours, 3 days a week, I am going to work on this and hopefully get back to cardmaking, scrapbooking and crafting. I'll either keep you posted on my progress or may never be heard from again.

How do you organize your craft supplies? Any helpful tips to share?


A Big Day

Yesterday was the first day of school for most children in our area. Some of my friends were adjusting to sending their precious ones off to school for the very first time. We aren't at that milestone yet, but A. did start PreK yesterday. For the past two years she went to a Mother's Day Out program and really enjoyed it. This year she will go to PreK three mornings a week at a new school. For the last few weeks her big phrase has been, "I'm just not used to my new school."

Thank goodness she is our little social butterfly and is generally excited to try new things. As long as there was going to be some playground time, A. was good to go.

Here we are just outside the building. I just have a weak spot for little kids wearing backpacks almost as big as they are. A. wore hers with pride.

We walked in her classroom and she greeted Mrs. Orsak and then sat down to immediately get down to business with the blocks and spiral clip-on things. Okay.

Soon it was time to pick her up and I experienced my first drive-by pick up. While I was waiting I was caught off guard when I saw a little girl leaving with her mom. Tears sprang to my eyes as I watched this little half day Kindergartner walk out with her long ponytailed hair and white polo uniform shirt partially untucked from her navy blue uniform shorts complete with knobby little knees and cute little sneakers. I realized that would be A. someday soon, probably much too fast, at least for Mama.

A nice lady led A. out to our car and she bounced up to give me a hug, announced she had a GREAT day at school, they DID go to the playground, she got to cut with scissors, and after a pause to catch her breath, started singing a song about a penny in her pocket and a dollar in her shoe. I guess she is used to her new school now.


Sunday Snippets

First, a scene from Sunday morning:

Last few vital countdown minutes, working our way towards the door. Every second counts, folks. After getting breakfast, last minute Bible class stuff, and myself ready, we were down to the wire (just like any other Sunday, we have so much room for improvement).

I was trying to get A.'s hair up and bowified (yes, it's my word). I guess I wasn't hiding my frustration very well when I said something to Scott (remember last week's taming the tongue snippets?) about needing to leave, blah, blah...

A. said, "Mama's getting angry."
I said, "No, I'm not getting angry, I'm just irritated."
A. paused and said, "That's not good either."

And then we scramble out to the car to go to church on that note. Nice.

Today's sermon was based on 1 Timothy 2:1-8. Now, for the first 5-10 minutes I kept trying to follow along in 2 Timothy, but then I got it. Sometimes I create self imposed snippets.

Many thoughts came to my mind just from verse 1,"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone."

First, I realized how neglectful I have been in my own prayer life. Over the years I have seen the difference an active prayer life can make, yet honestly I have not been committed to daily prayer for quite a while. It's been hit or miss, yet I probably expect the same benefits or results.

I also thought about the types of prayer. Typically I pray for those on our prayer list, the requests that my friends might make, and then some of my own things. Do I ever pray for our church leaders? Members? Those searching? Our community? Our government and country? World affairs? Prayers of praise and thanksgiving? There are endless issues to talk to our Heavenly Father about, and I don't usually make it past the the things that directly affect me.

Our minister also encouraged us to pray for the children and young people going back to school. There has been a thoughtful ministry over the last few years for those in school. You are asked to select a die cut apple with the student's name on it and then commit to pray for him or her throughout the school year, daily. Simple, but so powerful. (I forgot to get an apple.)

I believe in the power of prayer and of it's necessity. I challenge myself to stop being hit or miss and make prayer a part of my daily life. Please hold me accountable. :)

What were some of your snippets?


A Little Late to the Party

Since all my other shows are on summer break I decided to check out some new ones. Now, I completely missed this party:

Yes, I know...where was I? Since I am a self-proclaimed Dancing With the Stars freak, I can't believe I missed out on SYTYCD. Sigh.

Here's another "Where have you been?" Up until a few days ago I had never watched this show either.

Are y'all okay? Yes, it's true, I never saw it. However, I am now hooked and am trying to catch up. Please bear with me as I try to undo this horrible wrong.

As for reading, I have decided to finally delve into these:
(I know, I know, go ahead and say it..."Seriously, where have I been?")
If all goes well with this,

I will make my way through...

and finish with this.

After hearing all the raves I'm excited to finally join in. Who doesn't like a good vampire and werewolf adventure, with some high school romance thrown in? I'll go a bit further and confess something huge. I was a Buffy fan. It's true. And I was old and stuff at the time.

So, even though I am somewhat late to the party I'm ready to boogie. With paper salesmen and vampires. I'm quite the catch.

SWAP Report

After participating in a wonderful Favorite Things Swap hosted by Kelly, I discovered something. Swapping is fun! It incorporates a few of my favorite pastimes: shopping, good mail and blogging. Heather over at Oh My Stinkin' Heck hosts these color themed swaps every few months. Just so you don't lose your itch for swapping, you know.
This is what I sent my swap partner, Shannon. A set of dish towels, note cards, a planner, fuzzy socks and a quilted tote bag. Let's just say that bag almost didn't make it into the box.

Here are the brown and blue goodies Shannon sent for me:

Dishtowels, fun notebooks and papers, fuzzy socks and manna from above (or at least Columbia), coffee. Love it all! Thank you Shannon!!

Now I am gathering items for Marta's Back 2 School Swap. Can't wait to send my package off in a few days and receive one from my partner, Anna Jo!
Just in case there is any lingering swapping bug, there is this to consider. Hmmm...what's the harm in just one more?
Do you like to participate in blogging swaps?
Is swapping a sickness?



So, the Girls were coming over tonight to kick off our new Bible study book. With all the summer craziness we needed a night to chat, eat, and set the stage for our new study, which we are planning to start next week.

After all the repair/reconstruction, I was excited to finally be able to have friends over. It has been way too long!! I was so excited I baked a cake so we'd have a sweet nibble with our coffee.

I shooed Scott out the door with A. toward the direction of the mall. They were going to look for red Dorothy shoes, as A. has set her bonnet on being Dorothy this year for Halloween. Okay.

I had the coffee pot ready to brew, cups and creamers ready, lemon cake ready to be cut, Sadie stored away in the laundry room.

I waited.

Phone call from Robyn saying she had a crazy day and wasn't going to be able to make it. Awwww, sorry girl!

I waited a bit more. Ding-Dong.

Yea! Maria was here!

And that was that! The other girls weren't able to make it after all. Awwww, sorry girls! Maria and I had fun chatting and looking at scrapbooks--always fun!!

So, the party that wasn't. And no luck with the Dorothy shoes either. Oh well. My dilemma is what to do with the lemon cake. Since I could probably eat the entire ring of goodness (I'm so not kidding, folks), maybe Scott should take it to work tomorrow. Well, one little piece won't hurt...right?


i run

i run because i can. i run for how it makes me feel. i run to eat. i run because i am a wife and mom. i run because i want to challenge myself. i run to hear a. ask how my run was today and how many miles did i run. i run for my walk breaks. i run for coffee. and tex-mex. and chocolate. i run because i enjoy the outdoors. i run for the medals. and the t-shirts. i run slow and steady. i run to be a good example. i run to finish. i run to discover what my body can do. i run and no one is chasing me. i run because it's mine. i run because i can.

why do you run?


Sunday Snippets

Since we have had A., I have basically heard snippets of sermons. Sometimes more snippets than others, sometimes it's a washout. I hope that God has a soft spot in his heart for mothers of young children. Surely He does. We try to listen, to focus, to retain, while rotating the supply of books, coloring books, paper, map pencils, snacks, etc. to our children. All the time encouraging said children to sit quietly during worship service and not distract anyone else. Some days are better than others. Overall, A. does pretty well and we are thankful for that, but at times it is hard to pay attention. Hence, the snippets.

Today's message came from the book of James. Our Associate Minister, MK, gave a heartfelt sermon based on the power of our tongues, and the struggle to tame them. Something that is so small can be frighteningly powerful. James compares our tongue to a horse's bit that can control him, a small rudder that can steer a large ship, and a small spark that can cause a forest fire. A person's tongue can be a fire, it can corrupt our bodies. (James 3:3-6).

This is something I know I struggle with. I know my tongue is capable of either uplifting or cutting down. Criticism or praise. How often does my impatience or irritation come out in my words or even my tone of voice? MK also quoted a verse from James 1:19, "My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." Three short phrases, should be simple, right?

MK offered a great acronym to help us tame our tongues: THINK
Is what you plan to say Truthful, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind?

(Honestly, I missed this snippet and had to ask Scott for snippet backup.)

I am going to challenge myself to practice James 1:19 and THINK before I speak. Let's see what happens around here.

What were some of your Sunday Snippets?


8 miles. no, not the eminem song. 8 miles of pounding the pavement. it was like running in a stew. except i was the meat. or the potato. space city boulevard is my nemesis. still love my running skirt. note to male runners: please refrain from wearing cologne/aftershave/heavily scented deodorant. yes, wear antiperspirant/deodorant. please. first longer run in new shoes. okay. i wish we had started earlier. it is somewhat demoralizing when the speedier groups pass you on the way out, run farther and still pass you on the way back. oh well. back of the pack is at least still in the pack. i did it.


Runner's Regret

Sort of. First, I will say that I got my training run done. Finally. That's a good thing. Second, I now know for sure that I am a better morning runner than an evening runner. Yes, getting up way before the sun comes up is difficult, but your body adjusts. Strange but true, I feel more energized during the day after a morning run. I realize I probably should have braved the elements this morning. Maybe. Several aspects of distance running are crazy, I accept that. There's just something over-the-top crazy about running in the rain though.

This evening the rain stopped so I decided to go for it. This was after supper though. Not good. I felt like I was dragging through the steamy stew with my supper jostling around. We're in hurl territory now. Thankfully I didn't.

The whole family hit the streets with me, which was sweet. A. packed her "running bag" with a bottle of water and running snacks (raisins and fruit snacks). She also changed into a tank top, shorts and tennis shoes all by herself. It was fun to see her run her little heart out, full throttle, stopping ever so often to gather rocks to throw in the water. She even stretched a little with me after her bath.

The jury is still out on my new Mizunos(the ones I ordered). They changed the model a bit, making the toe box larger and the arches feel different too. We'll see after Saturday's long run for sure.

Note to self: rain or shine, run in the morning.

Thursday Tidbits

I'm a little bummed. I missed my run this morning because of torrential rain and lightning. C'mon Ma Nature, work with me please. A few fellow BA Fitters have been meeting at a local park at 5:30am to run together. I hope everyone was as dedicated as me and stayed in bed, or I'm going to feel worse. Maybe I can get it done later, if the downpour ceases.

Yesterday A. had her gymnastics class. She has really enjoyed going this summer and looked forward to it each week. This year I enjoyed it too because she was old enough to be a Mighty Munchkin with a coach. Last summer she was in the Mommy and Me class and WE did gymnastics.

As I have sat each week, behind the glass, I have analyzed my level of commitment. I realize I fall somewhere on the lower end of the mom scale. I watch snippets of the activities so we can talk about them later, I wave and blow a kiss occasionally, otherwise I'm reading my book. I am okay with that. I don't feel the need to sit on the front row with my camera or video recorder, though that's okay if you do. I don't feel the need to make small talk with the other moms, though I'll smile and say an occasional small talk thing. I certainly do not feel the need to act out the songs or activities that the kids are doing. Yes, some have. I am there with a hug and smile at the end and then we go potty and go on with our day.

I did feel somewhat guilty that I hadn't taken one picture this entire summer session, so to rectify that, I did. Except my camera's battery was dying so I only got two of questionable quality. Sorry A.

After lunch at Mediterraneo, a quirky European chocolate egg with a small Viking hidden in the center, and a nap this is what I witnessed:

Dress up clothes from one end of her room to the other and A. in the middle of it all. Let's just say she is fond of layers.

What kind of waiting/viewing mom are you? Is a Viking an appropiate surprise inside a chocolate egg(the paper inside said to collect them all)? What are you up to today?


8 Things About My Marriage

Michelle tagged me with a fun marriage meme. Prepare yourself to be transported back to the heyday of stargazer lilies and puffy meringue dresses with bows on the backside.

1. Where did you meet your husband? A co-worker introduced us. We both worked in the same building at NASA/JSC, but on different floors.

2.What was the first thing you said? At the time Walter brought Scott by, I was eating soup at my desk. I was in mid-slurp. I think we just said, "Hi, nice to meet you, yada-yada." It was really quick and Walter totally surprised me.

3. Where was your first date? First kiss? Our first date was basically a blind date, even though we had been introduced. A group of co-workers were planning to go to a comedy club and we were fill-ins. The thing is, Scott and I were the only ones that showed up! So, we had to fend for ourselves over dinner and then the show. Several weeks went by after and Scott asked me out again. Our first kiss probably wasn't until the second or third date.

4. Long or short courtship? We dated for 9 or 10 months and then became engaged. We were engaged for about 8 months.

5. Where were we engaged? Scott proposed over at my house, after asking my dad. We then went over there to tell my dad and Ruby.

6. Where were we married? At a local hotel near the water. June 17, 1995. One side of the ballroom was the ceremony, appetizers were served in the lobby while we took pictures, and then the reception was held in the other side of the ballroom. My Uncle Norman performed the ceremony.

7. Where was the reception? In the other side of the hotel ballroom. We had a buffet lunch (that Scott and I barely nibbled on) and then the bride and groom's cakes. Here is where the stargazer lilies exploded. The groom's cake was a cool chocolate cheesecake with tuxedo dipped strawberries. I don't think we ate much of either, just a taste after we cut them.

After the reception, we drove off in my dad's 1957 Thunderbird.

8. Where was your honeymoon? We went to San Antonio Riverwalk. I wasn't as adventurous then as I might be now. It was nice, but I wish we had branched out more. I tried to find pictures, but we didn't take many. The ones we did take only have one of us in them or just scenery. Blah! Now I'm much more bold about asking people to take our picture or doing a self-portrait.

Thanks Michelle, this was fun. I tag Lacie, Heather, Maria, and Deanna.


This afternoon at my second home Target I:

Scooped up several of these cool applique t-shirts. I think they are so cute and in a weird way they remind me of my mom. She went through a severe applique phase during the mid 70s. I might need to listen to some Neil Diamond now.

Actually bought groceries. Things that will really need to be cooked.

Let A. play with a plastic bag. No worries, it was basically a cape.

Put back several of A.'s quick grabs.

Gave in to the Dora Band-Aids.

Stared down the Little Debbie brownies beside the check out counter.

I had no willpower over a few Ritter chocolate bars and a People magazine though. I tend to follow the decorating principle when I buy Ritter bars. Odd numbers, particularly 3, are more pleasing to the eye. And my sweet tooth.

As I type, a supper concoction is IN THE OVEN!! Go ahead, take a moment to collect yourself a bit. It's okay.

How was your day? What do you heart about Target? How do you feel about appliques?

New Addition

How can you not look anything but cool with small headlights strapped to your head?

Runner Geek has a new toy. Since I started running earlier in the morning (5:30) it's still pretty dark. I picked up this handy dandy headset at Academy. I don't usually wear hats because I have big head issues, but I've come to terms with a visor as long as it's adjustable.

This morning we came up on a man walking his dogs and he said he thought he was seeing a UFO. No, that would be Runner Geek.


I Wasn't, But Now I Am

I still remember the conversation from so long ago. Like the mid-1990s. We were standing in the foyer in our church building, listening to a young lady describe what she was planning to do. She was training to run a marathon. I remember being awestruck and eerily jealous. I was jealous because she had a typical runner's build--petite, trim, athletic--you know the type. I was the opposite, older, bigger, not-athletic--you know the type. As I listened to her talk about her training, and then later after the marathon when she described the event, I envied her excitement and her accomplishment. I knew I was not a runner and most likely would never complete a 5-k, much less a marathon.

Over the next few years my weight and my level of activity see-sawed. I went through phases of aerobic classes at the gym, became addicted to cardio kickboxing, even worked out with a personal trainer for several months. She is the person I credit for even getting me to try jogging on the treadmill. She pushed me, just a little, but I needed that push. Soon I increased from 30 second intervals to a minute and then to a whole song and then to two songs. You get the idea.

When we started fertility treatments I gained a lot of weight. I "worked out" at the gym, but didn't push myself to jog again. Eventually, after several cycles of treatments and the emotional roller coaster, I quit "working out" at all.

In 2004, when we were completing our home study autobiography for our international adoption, I wrote something crazy to one of the questions. The question asked me to list some of my life goals. I guess it had been in the recesses of my brain, but I actually put it on paper. I wrote that I would like to train for and complete a half marathon.

Now it was on paper in a social worker's file.

In July 2005 I reached my limit. I was ready to make some changes. I started going to Boot Camp classes. Yes, that was a big leap, but I was determined.

I was the largest lady in the class. They made me run on the treadmill. It was the hardest workout ever. Yes, I went back the next day. Over the next several months I started getting stronger and able to run for longer intervals on the treadmill. It didn't happen overnight. It happened in small, small intervals. It was hard. But I liked it. I liked how I felt when I was done. I liked that I was losing weight. I liked the fact I was accomplishing something. I started to like me again.

In January 2006, I completed my first half marathon. I was hooked. I wanted to keep challenging myself to see what my body would do. Over the last 2 years I have completed 8 half marathons. I am different. I'm not afraid to set Oh My Goodness Goals anymore. I have learned about myself and of what my body is capable.

15 years ago I was not a runner. 5 years ago I was not a runner. Now I am.


A Sad Evolution

I don't know about you, but this little cafeteria has always been a part of my life. Yes, it's just a cafeteria, but they've always had basic, good food at reasonable prices. I love a LuAnn plate. You can't beat a small portion of meat, 2 veggies and a bread. Add some iced tea and we're talking lip smacking goodness. Their whipped-cheescake-graham-cracker-topped pie is dee-lish.

When I was young we ate at Luby's often after church. My dad would slow to a safe speed and we would bail out to GO GET IN LINE. Good times.

Over the last several years, I think Luby's has suffered some setbacks and poor management. They started to raise their prices, change the combos offered--they even messed with the LuAnn! They tried to bring in a different crowd. I may be set in my ways, but a cafeteria should not try to get above its raisin'. It's still a cafeteria however you dress it up. Our local Luby's started having kids eat free nights, which we liked. Then they added a man playing a keyboard up on a little stage. Yes, music while you dine on your square fish.

Soon they really messed things up. They took away the tea/water/coffee person that would pleasantly pass by and refill your drinks. That cart has been a Luby's staple. They started to have "servers" and suggested tipping. Now, I have no problem tipping in a regular restaurant, but this is Luby's folks.

We haven't been there in a long time. Until last night. I had a strong craving for their macaroni and cheese. It was bad and couldn't be denied. The lady on the serving line looked puzzled when I asked for a LuAnn plate. Apparently they are just combo plates now. Sad. Once we had our trays and started to find a table my desire for macaroni was being questioned. We found a clean table. This was an achievement. Our "server" came over and asked if we wanted "free straws". Yes, that's right free straws. Is there any other kind? Seriously. As we ate we heard her share her spiel to others, which began, "Would you like for me to clean that table for you?" There are basics, clean tables are high on the list...at least for me.

Though the macaroni was yummy, it may not be enough.

Do you like Luby's or other cafeterias? What's your favorite LuAnn combo? Shouldn't straws be free?


When it Rains it Pours

I'm not talking about rain either, folks. After quite a dry spell with the contractors it seems to be nearing an end. I say that quietly, and only after throwing salt over my left shoulder, because I don't want to jinx anything.

Here, in short order, are the different trades that actually came today:

The refinisher came to pick up our dining room table to be repaired. This repair is for the scratch that was left by the movers. That's a lot of "re" isn't it?

The glass company man came to measure for a new shower door.

The plumbers came to set the tub and replace the shower fixtures. I'm a bit anxious to check this one out because they were going to have to drill into the recently retiled wall. I'm holding my breath.

The hardwood floor man came to touch up a few several spots. As he was leaving, he reminded us not to walk through the marked blue areas. Seriously, 3 seconds after that A. plodded across one blue taped area--right in front of him. I don't think any harm was done, but we are trying to spend as much time as possible upstairs. Sadie is pondering the universe closed up in our laundry room. I'm also holding my breath on this one because one blue taped area is right in front of the side door that is Contractor Central. I see suspicious footprints. We may see more of the hardwood floor man.

The painters came to do a few more touch ups.

All. In. One. Morning. I think I may need my smelling salts.

I Feel the Need for Speed

Or at least my own version of it. Flo Jo I'm not. Yet. This morning was the first speed training session. What exactly is a speed training session? Typically you jog a 1 mile warm-up at your local high school track (for the softer surface). Then you run a series of speed intervals, followed by a 1 mile cool down. The idea is that these intervals help you increase your overall endurance and eventually train your body to run faster. Yep.

Since today was the first, of what will be many gradually increasing intervals, we did 8 repeats of 30 seconds "fast" and 30 seconds "normal". I say that in "" because my version of speed is obviously different from others, since I have a hard green shell on my back, but that's okay. It was speedy for me.


A Typical Summer Morning

Somewhere in Texas. After my run, and breakfast for A. and me, and a few egg scraps for Sadie, I was motivated to clean a bit and tackle a few lingering boxes of critical items junk. Since I was still in my sweaty clothes and all.

Perky Pollyanna (that would be A.) started pestering me to go outside. "Mama, it's not raining. Can I go play on my play set? Can Sadie come outside too? Mama, it's not raining, can I go outside? After I play, can I have a Popsicle? Can I go outside, plea-hu-eessse?" Just repeat that a few times and you'll get the idea.

So, A. went outside, after reminders to stay out of the muddy spots, to play on her play set. I started to vacuum. After 15 minutes this sweaty face appeared by the back doors, with a sweaty (thankfully not muddy) body attached that wanted to come back inside. Because it's hot outside. Even at 9:30 in the morning. I bought a little more time with a Popsicle (hey, it's afternoon somewhere). Then outdoor girl was done.

She's like her Mama. She has an unnatural attachment to the a/c. That's my girl.


Miscellaneous Musings

Is the Earth still spinning on its axis? It is? Good. I was worried that the fact Scott and I actually went to a movie IN THE THEATER may have thrown things off kilter. That's right, we saw this

on opening weekend no less.

Scott almost lost it when the nutty lady (that would be me) pulled out her camera to document the event. I only had time to snap one quick shot because, even though we had plenty of time, Scott was worried the previews would be jeopardized. The stress.

This was the last movie we saw IN THE THEATER:

We saw it many moons ago, over Christmas. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Matt Damon obviously has the pull to get us out of the house and IN THE THEATER.

We enjoyed the latest edge-of-your-seat Bourne adventure and A. had a fun afternoon with her Pappo. There was much swimming and many snacks.

With all the house/hotel/back-to-the-house and general procrastination I have neglected to document some Joy in my Mailbox. Looky here...

Kim sent a bright, fun notepad with the initial H on it. I love notepads so much! Thanks bunches, Kim! Robyn recently sent a fun dress dress note AND a cool toe ring. I love it! Gratzi Robyn! I also received good mail from Maria and Lacie. Maria sent dee-lish pink gum and a sweet note. Merci Maria! Ages ago, Lacie sent some yummy pink Whoppers. Notice there is no picture, because they were candy! Oodles of thanks Lacie!

Good mail is wonderful! So much fun to receive, but also loads of fun to send some goodness to friends and let them know they are being thought of.

Just to finish off this miscellaneous memo, a picture of A. or is it Nancy Lopez? Golf anyone?

Does your significant other freak out about missing the previews? Are there any movies you want to see IN THE THEATER? Do you enjoy Good Mail?


I Have an Ultimatum For You

I seem to be in a Friday Funk or something. So...to slap myself out of it I decided to focus on this for a while:

Did you know that the latest batch of Matt Damon (AKA Jason Bourne) goodness opens today? What was that high-pitched, glass breaking squeal you hear? Oh, sorry that's me. I can't wait!! In order to adequately prepare I should probably refresh my memory a bit. Hey, a girl's gotta do her homework right?

Some of you may have Harry, I have Jason Bourne. Sweet!


Without Further Ado...

A few weeks ago a friend dropped quite an honor in my lap. I have demonstrated my true self, the Queen of Procrastination, by waiting...and then waiting a bit longer to write about it.

Silken nominated me for this...

Thank you! Thank you! Can you believe it? After so many hours of engaging conversation with an almost 4 year old I am flummoxed that I am capable of a cohesive thought. I'm so flattered that she tagged me. Now, I have to do my part.

First, here is the origin of this prestigious award. Next, I must nominate fellow thinking bloggers. Hence, my reason for all of this procrastination. There are so many thought provoking blogs swirling throughout Blogville...and many of the ones that first came to mind are already card carrying Thinking Bloggers. The other ones that come to mind are newer blogs that I've discovered and would hate to freak them out with one of my first comments being "Hey, I just tagged you...I promise I'm not a crazy stalker, just a normal one." See my dilemma? Maybe I'm just over thinking (hey, I just got an award for this!) Here goes...

1. Chloe of Existential Dilemmas. Yes, I also tagged her with a Rockin' Girl Blogger and here I go again. She consistently writes posts that make me think, laugh, nod, and shout "Right-On Sister!"

2. Lynn of Neena's Nest who is the wise, honest and quite often hilarious mother of a dear friend of mine.

3. Kelly of Thister Thaster whose posts are fresh, funny and often tender peeks into her life.

4. Jill of Creativity, Musings & Such because her posts are the real deal folks. She has inspired me to try to be a better blogger and general human being.

5. Sandy of For Reluctant Entertainers because she inspires me to be more hospitable, or at least think about it. Her posts encourage no hassle, no excuses everyday entertaining--which not only makes life more enjoyable but more memorable.

Take a moment (or 2 or 5...there will always be more laundry/dust/dishes/insert own task here) and visit.

Happy blogging y'all!


Does Edward Scissorhands Have a Sister?

The other evening I asked A. to go upstairs to get a hair clip and put on her Crocs so we could go eat supper. She disappeared for a few minutes...and then stayed gone a while longer. She's almost four, so getting sidetracked goes with the territory. Soon she came back in with her hair clip (the Crocs had been forgotten--did I mention she's almost 4?). I started combing her hair and proceeded to gather several large clumps of loose hair in my hands and across my shorts. I tried to stay calm, while my mind started spinning on possible childhood illnesses that cause sudden hair loss. I didn't want her to see me freaking out with handfuls of her hair, so I discreetly built a pile.

I gathered up the clumps and bits and went to show Scott. She has a Dr. appointment scheduled this week and I was already thinking of moving it up. I put the clumps of hair in a drawer in case I should show the Dr., you know, evidence of this mysterious condition. By now, I'm thinking in terms of the Mayo clinic. (I have a flair for the dramatic. I'm from the South.)

Scott went upstairs to get something and saw a trail of hair clumps. These clumps though were obviously cut. Chopped. Ahhh...the plot thickens. As it turns out, while A. was upstairs earlier she got a bit creative with a pair of scissors. She apparently texturized her own hair and when I combed it, it started coming out. Thankfully, this little stylist has been blessed with a thick, full head of hair. There is a small spiky spot near her bangs that is a bit sad, but overall you can't really tell she was scissor happy. Whew! Yes, I put those scissors far away.

Now, please don't let me forget to remove the hair clumps from my sock drawer. Ick!
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