8 miles. no, not the eminem song. 8 miles of pounding the pavement. it was like running in a stew. except i was the meat. or the potato. space city boulevard is my nemesis. still love my running skirt. note to male runners: please refrain from wearing cologne/aftershave/heavily scented deodorant. yes, wear antiperspirant/deodorant. please. first longer run in new shoes. okay. i wish we had started earlier. it is somewhat demoralizing when the speedier groups pass you on the way out, run farther and still pass you on the way back. oh well. back of the pack is at least still in the pack. i did it.


  1. Run girl! Run!

    Now with the longer runs I am having to start running in the dark longer- (I have to get home by the time the boys wake up!)

    Are you wearing you light thing?

  2. If I were there you would have passed me if it makes you feel better:) We are so proud of you! Go Holly!

  3. You still rock! I still have my headache from this morning's run...

  4. Great job Holly! It's so great that you post your highs and lows for us to see, especially those of us who are working to be as good as you are now!


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