8 Things About My Marriage

Michelle tagged me with a fun marriage meme. Prepare yourself to be transported back to the heyday of stargazer lilies and puffy meringue dresses with bows on the backside.

1. Where did you meet your husband? A co-worker introduced us. We both worked in the same building at NASA/JSC, but on different floors.

2.What was the first thing you said? At the time Walter brought Scott by, I was eating soup at my desk. I was in mid-slurp. I think we just said, "Hi, nice to meet you, yada-yada." It was really quick and Walter totally surprised me.

3. Where was your first date? First kiss? Our first date was basically a blind date, even though we had been introduced. A group of co-workers were planning to go to a comedy club and we were fill-ins. The thing is, Scott and I were the only ones that showed up! So, we had to fend for ourselves over dinner and then the show. Several weeks went by after and Scott asked me out again. Our first kiss probably wasn't until the second or third date.

4. Long or short courtship? We dated for 9 or 10 months and then became engaged. We were engaged for about 8 months.

5. Where were we engaged? Scott proposed over at my house, after asking my dad. We then went over there to tell my dad and Ruby.

6. Where were we married? At a local hotel near the water. June 17, 1995. One side of the ballroom was the ceremony, appetizers were served in the lobby while we took pictures, and then the reception was held in the other side of the ballroom. My Uncle Norman performed the ceremony.

7. Where was the reception? In the other side of the hotel ballroom. We had a buffet lunch (that Scott and I barely nibbled on) and then the bride and groom's cakes. Here is where the stargazer lilies exploded. The groom's cake was a cool chocolate cheesecake with tuxedo dipped strawberries. I don't think we ate much of either, just a taste after we cut them.

After the reception, we drove off in my dad's 1957 Thunderbird.

8. Where was your honeymoon? We went to San Antonio Riverwalk. I wasn't as adventurous then as I might be now. It was nice, but I wish we had branched out more. I tried to find pictures, but we didn't take many. The ones we did take only have one of us in them or just scenery. Blah! Now I'm much more bold about asking people to take our picture or doing a self-portrait.

Thanks Michelle, this was fun. I tag Lacie, Heather, Maria, and Deanna.


  1. what an awesome story! :) i love your pictures (and your DRESS!). how cool that he asked your dad. i love that.

  2. What a neat idea. And doesn't it seem like yesterday even with all the "stuff" that has happened in between? BEAUTIFUL bride, by the way.

  3. What a beautiful or should I say handsome couple! I'm lovin the car! I love how you two met. Great story!

  4. Aw, you were a beautiful bride! I love the getaway car!

  5. How gorgeous you were (are)! That was fun to read. I was married in '95 as well. Busy year. I seriously have SO many friends that were married that year. Weird.

  6. I couldn't resist playing along too! I love this meme!


  7. I was married in '95, too! Man, time flies.

    You guys look so happy! And a t-bird...how cool...we drove off in one, too.

  8. Love the story! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you and Scott had that first dinner date! Did he crack jokes all throughout the date??

    Thankss for the Tag!

  9. What a beautiful bride you made! It's so fun to read all about how you two met--I don't think I even knew until I read your post. It does kinda make me wonder if your friends at work planned to not show up, so you and Scott could get to know each other. Very sneaky! Anyway, so glad that they did and that y'all are together. You are such a great couple and are such great parents to dear A. Love your post!


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