I Have an Ultimatum For You

I seem to be in a Friday Funk or something. So...to slap myself out of it I decided to focus on this for a while:

Did you know that the latest batch of Matt Damon (AKA Jason Bourne) goodness opens today? What was that high-pitched, glass breaking squeal you hear? Oh, sorry that's me. I can't wait!! In order to adequately prepare I should probably refresh my memory a bit. Hey, a girl's gotta do her homework right?

Some of you may have Harry, I have Jason Bourne. Sweet!


  1. I have them both...and come Tuesday, Edward Cullen as well. I love great male leads! If I could just find one for my real life, that would be fantastic!

  2. I haven't seen the second Bourne yet!! I loved the first one (saw it in the theater way back in 2002!) but I never saw the second. And I want to see it before I see this latest movie in the series.

    Matt Damon is looking yummy in the previews!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  3. I haven't seen the second one! But I totally loved the first!

    Ok...I didn't know there was a second! OOps!

  4. Holly--I am right there with you! I love Harry, but I gotta say...Ever since Matt debuted in 'Good Will Hunting' and the first and second 'Bourne' movies, he's been looking pretty good. Let me know how the movie is!

  5. yes...we are excited as well. Troy LOVES them and I love looking at Matt...ha ha just joking...there is a great story line! HA

  6. I saw Matt this morning talking about this movie this morning! It looks like it is going to be a good one!

  7. old fogey here...the only "Harry" for me is Harrison Ford! I might watch one of his movies!

  8. I didn't know this was out yet. My husband and i ave watched both! I will have to get a babysitter and take him to the third! Yay!

  9. oh girl!!!
    i saw it this afternoon and LOVED it! i think this one was my favorite BY FAR.
    i'm not a huge "secret-agent" fan (like the 007 stuff or the mission impossible stuff....)
    but i LOVE this movie & i think its bc of the psychological drama that drives Bourne. His motivations are to find his identity and make wrongs right and get to the bottom of why he's brainwashed into this crazy government hit man.
    THAT'S why i LOVE this movie....

  10. I hope you are out of your funk today. My dh took me to this movie tonight. He had to fill me in on the first 2 though because I had not seen them. I really liked it.

  11. Hi Holly-
    Thanks the comment on my blog- I'm glad you've been visiting!
    Around our house we LOVE this series..love the Bourne movies. I can't wait to go see it...you'll have to post about it if you got to it this weekend.
    Also- how in the world do you get motivated to run? I would love to get my behind into gear....any great tips for a non-runner (I was a swimmer in high school back in the day).
    I'll be back....;)

  12. I'm definitely excited about this movie, but am going to watch the other 2 again before we go see it.

  13. My sister and I just had a Bourne movie marathon getting ready to go see the new one on Monday. Yeah!


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