A Little Late to the Party

Since all my other shows are on summer break I decided to check out some new ones. Now, I completely missed this party:

Yes, I know...where was I? Since I am a self-proclaimed Dancing With the Stars freak, I can't believe I missed out on SYTYCD. Sigh.

Here's another "Where have you been?" Up until a few days ago I had never watched this show either.

Are y'all okay? Yes, it's true, I never saw it. However, I am now hooked and am trying to catch up. Please bear with me as I try to undo this horrible wrong.

As for reading, I have decided to finally delve into these:
(I know, I know, go ahead and say it..."Seriously, where have I been?")
If all goes well with this,

I will make my way through...

and finish with this.

After hearing all the raves I'm excited to finally join in. Who doesn't like a good vampire and werewolf adventure, with some high school romance thrown in? I'll go a bit further and confess something huge. I was a Buffy fan. It's true. And I was old and stuff at the time.

So, even though I am somewhat late to the party I'm ready to boogie. With paper salesmen and vampires. I'm quite the catch.


  1. You crack me up! I'll have to admit, I'm a little behind on some shows too. If the shows are not actually on the 'Noggin' channel, its a little hard to watch without interruptions from the kids until after bedtime and by then, I'm too tired (know what I mean?) Anyway, I am interested to hear how you like the books you posted about--I always like to get tips on new books to check out. Let me know how you like them!

  2. Ditto Maria!
    Gotta Love 'Noggin'(Ha)!

    And... I will NOT be reading these books! Are you kidding me! I would be having nightmares everynight! Seriously! No vampires and werewolves here!

    However, I do hope you enjoy the books!

  3. Wow, you've never seen those shows? How fun for you to discover them then. Have you ever watched Veronica Mars? It was so great to watch those seasons on dvd.

  4. if you love the office, and haven't yet been introduced to the show arrested development, then go out right now (or after you're done with the available office seasons) and get yourself season one (then two, then three...) of arrested development! you will absolutely love it.

    I *heart* tv on dvd. (it's the only way to do it these days)

    ps... my sisters/in-law love the twighlight series. I'm sure you will too.

  5. Anna Jo: YES!! Arrested Development was too hilarious!! I found out about it late (per my pattern), but just ate it up on DVD.

  6. I just stumbled onto your blog today and have totally enjoyed reading about you! I'm a runner too - doing my very first marathon in Honolulu on Dec 9. It's fun to find someone who understands the running illness!

  7. I don't do the dancing shows or vampire books, but I LOVE The Office. I'm so glad you found it and are enjoying it! You can be all caught up by the time the new season starts. I can't wait.


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