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Is the Earth still spinning on its axis? It is? Good. I was worried that the fact Scott and I actually went to a movie IN THE THEATER may have thrown things off kilter. That's right, we saw this

on opening weekend no less.

Scott almost lost it when the nutty lady (that would be me) pulled out her camera to document the event. I only had time to snap one quick shot because, even though we had plenty of time, Scott was worried the previews would be jeopardized. The stress.

This was the last movie we saw IN THE THEATER:

We saw it many moons ago, over Christmas. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Matt Damon obviously has the pull to get us out of the house and IN THE THEATER.

We enjoyed the latest edge-of-your-seat Bourne adventure and A. had a fun afternoon with her Pappo. There was much swimming and many snacks.

With all the house/hotel/back-to-the-house and general procrastination I have neglected to document some Joy in my Mailbox. Looky here...

Kim sent a bright, fun notepad with the initial H on it. I love notepads so much! Thanks bunches, Kim! Robyn recently sent a fun dress dress note AND a cool toe ring. I love it! Gratzi Robyn! I also received good mail from Maria and Lacie. Maria sent dee-lish pink gum and a sweet note. Merci Maria! Ages ago, Lacie sent some yummy pink Whoppers. Notice there is no picture, because they were candy! Oodles of thanks Lacie!

Good mail is wonderful! So much fun to receive, but also loads of fun to send some goodness to friends and let them know they are being thought of.

Just to finish off this miscellaneous memo, a picture of A. or is it Nancy Lopez? Golf anyone?

Does your significant other freak out about missing the previews? Are there any movies you want to see IN THE THEATER? Do you enjoy Good Mail?


  1. I know that must have felt great to get out of the house. I love to go to the movies but for some reason don't as often as I could. It's too easy to wait for Movies on Demand. I have a theory as to why but it's boring. Unless it's a great girly movie and girls night out. Papaw and I don't really like the same type of movies so we agree to disagree on that one. I think A looks like she is going to be a big sports girl like her mom.

  2. A belated thank-you is in order to you, my dear friend, Holly. The lip gloss, gum, notecards (I'm sure I'm leaving something off of the list, because I'm sure I've eaten/used all of it already) has been so neat to get! Your notes have really encouraged me and have made me put more faith in myself as a mother. Thank you for cheering me up when I needed it. You're great!

  3. Me again... I just had to comment on sweet A.'s picture. Can I just say that she is the cutest thing in her sports outfit! And, if I could count all of the funny things she says in class, well, I'd run out of fingers. Anyway, she's a cutie!!

  4. Yay! for date night. So glad you guys had a good time...we are waiting to see that one, too. I also want to see Harry Potter.

    I haven't signed up for Good Mail yet...sounds like fun, though. :)

  5. I need to go see Bourne Ultimatum, although I've been told I should re-watch at least the second one, so there's a bit of committment involved.

    What great good mail! I love good mail. I have the hugest stack of good mail ready to go out. It's going to cost me a fortune. But I am really excited about it!!

  6. Oh, the husband and I are DYING to see that movie. Was it as good as we're hoping?

  7. woo hoo! good for you! i'm hoping to get to see a movie someday soon- but alas- it looks like it will be september when we visit home and k's "papa" is available. :)

    i love good mail. i was thinking i'd like to send you some, but your address is not on the list jill sent me. if you'd like some good mail from me, just email me your address. :) (no pressure- i understand if the crazy runner in washington should not have that information!).

    btw- what a great idea to document the movie trip! i love blogs- they are like personal journals and when else do you have an excuse to take a picture just for the heck of it?! (my husband reacts the same way...only we're usually already running late for the movie and totally miss previews every time!)

  8. We just saw Harry Potter which I loved and are soooo looking forward to seeing the Ultimatum! The preview thing, my husband can't live without - he often says it's why he comes to the movies!

  9. we saw Ratatoulle at the theater, but was so crowded we had to split up! :( anyway, we would like to miss the previews if possible, but then we run the chance of not sitting together, not that we go to the movies much

    *funny sidenote--the spell checker is saying I spelled that wrong (which I'm sure I did) and offering "Bouillabaisse" as an alternative!*

    and A is so adorable, and the dress looks cute on her too!

    btw-did you take that pict of you two? You are good! :)

  10. I am so envious! That's it, I'm going out to rent The Bourne Supremacy tonight so we can go see The Bourne Ultimatum in the theater. As far as hubby freaking out about the previews... it's hard enough getting him to actually agree to GO to the movies!! But he does want to see this latest Bourne film. I know it's silly, but I also want to see that I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry movie!! I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on video, though!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  11. Glad you got to see the movie- we have the same prob...I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Cheaper by the Dozen (ok, not really)...can't wait to see this!!

  12. I'm so happy you documented your outing to the movies. I'm addicted to self-portraits and love seeing everyone else's too. I can't wait to see that movie!

    You know I love good mail, and am always working on something. You need to be on my list. If that's okay with you then email me stuart_jll@hotmail.com okay?


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