The Daily Jumble

and i don't mean the newspaper puzzle. my brain is just spinning with randomness, so i thought i would pass some along:

  • girls need girl time, in various forms, with plenty of coffee and chocolate

  • girls are all around better girls after said girl time

  • girls need to be supportive of other girls, be positive and encouraging (thank you girls)

  • giggle time is the best

  • we need to be kinder to ourselves, less critical

  • i need to stop negative self-talk

  • pray

  • what's that saying, "be the change you want"? i need to work towards whatever change i want, even in itsy-bitsy steps

  • jealousy is such a pit, yet i find myself in there from time to time over this or that

  • move forward

  • but also enjoy the present moment too

  • after spending much of my life obsessed, to varying degrees, about my weight, i am letting go of all that. in high school, college off and on, and a few times thereafter, i was what i realize now was fairly thin. yet i was still critical of this or that, not good enough, whatever. i've also been the largest girl in the photo, still critical of myself, wanting to avoid certain situations. missing opportunities and memories. okay. running has made a difference. as long as i am active and making fairly decent choices, i'm not going to moan and groan. "i will praise you (God) because i am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, i know that full well." (psalm 139:14)

  • running has made me a better person in many ways. i think differently, of what is possible, of what i can do now, of what can i do next

  • apparently swim goggles make an almost 4 year old's bath MUCH more fun

what are some of your daily jumbles?


  1. I am going out today to buy me some goggles! HA HA Preferbly with fish on the sides. hee hee

    I LOVED your post and am so thankful for your wise and thoughful life lessons. I love you girl!

    (And I'm not being brass. LOL)

  2. Ditto to all of the above!!:) Can I say that? It is funny to hear some of your thoughts because I've thought a lot of those myself too. Anyway, I love your 'jumble' thoughts on life. I can't agree more on the whole girl-time is better for the girl. Missed you girls last night!:)

  3. I'm too jumbled to even think of something, but I LOVED your list. SO great. Amen to all of it.

  4. There were definitely some treasures of wisdom in those jumbled thoughts! I'm feeling quite a jumbled head today, myself -- just no wisdom is tumbling out!

  5. I think that jumbled head should be a diagnosis for all women. We can think of way too many things at once and you are right they are usually very random things.:)

  6. ok..another jumble.

    For me, Be slow to speak. I stick my foot in my mouth way, way to much.

    And for me to stop being such a worry wart..I worry way, way too much!

    HA HA

  7. Amen and preach on Sister Holly! I love your brain... even when you say it's jumbled. It made perfect sense to this bird. Thank you for helping to put so many of my thoughts into words.
    :) Kim
    PS - Chocolate with ginger is a great choice for girls night!

  8. what I love best about you and your blog...you know, we all go through some of these same types of scenarios, but many of us are too embarrassed, too selfish to talk about it right out loud, for the whole world to hear. Thanks for your courage in laying it all on the line for us! You really do rock! :)

  9. glad to know I'm not the only one with "jumbles" spinning through my head...and running has done the same for me.

  10. I've never had a name for the stream of consciousness continually running through my head, but daily jumbles seems like a good name.

    Mine are very much like yours only every 3rd thought involves looking for or dreading a spider. Ha.


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