So, the Girls were coming over tonight to kick off our new Bible study book. With all the summer craziness we needed a night to chat, eat, and set the stage for our new study, which we are planning to start next week.

After all the repair/reconstruction, I was excited to finally be able to have friends over. It has been way too long!! I was so excited I baked a cake so we'd have a sweet nibble with our coffee.

I shooed Scott out the door with A. toward the direction of the mall. They were going to look for red Dorothy shoes, as A. has set her bonnet on being Dorothy this year for Halloween. Okay.

I had the coffee pot ready to brew, cups and creamers ready, lemon cake ready to be cut, Sadie stored away in the laundry room.

I waited.

Phone call from Robyn saying she had a crazy day and wasn't going to be able to make it. Awwww, sorry girl!

I waited a bit more. Ding-Dong.

Yea! Maria was here!

And that was that! The other girls weren't able to make it after all. Awwww, sorry girls! Maria and I had fun chatting and looking at scrapbooks--always fun!!

So, the party that wasn't. And no luck with the Dorothy shoes either. Oh well. My dilemma is what to do with the lemon cake. Since I could probably eat the entire ring of goodness (I'm so not kidding, folks), maybe Scott should take it to work tomorrow. Well, one little piece won't hurt...right?


  1. I'm sorry your party plans fell through. But I'm glad you still had fun! Girl time, no matter how many are there, is always necessary. *B

  2. Yummy lemon cake! I love lemon anything. Too bad I don't live nearby.

  3. MMMmmmm. Lemon Cake is sooo good! Definately send it to work :) Hope you had an enjoyable time! You can always plan on how many people will show up to an activity - it's great you just went with the flow!

  4. OH, I am jealous of the lemon cake. That would be perfect with my coffee this morning. :)

    That picture of you and your friends is just adorable. How blessed you all are to have eachother.

  5. Bummer that it was a party that wasn't but at least you have that lemon cake (I do love to cook/bake but I just love picking up the yummy lemon cakes from Costco).

  6. I'm the worst friend on the planet. Can I come have Lemon Cake tonight? ha

  7. we found some "dorothy" shoes a few years ago at target. K was a great dorothy and has a dress, but it may be way too big for A...I think she was 7 when she dressed as dorothy.

  8. Sorry again Holly. Maybe the cake would freeze until next week? sounds yummy.
    Funny thing... weren't K and A both ladybugs last year??? Well guess what we have from Kyndyll as a hand-me-down outfit for K this year??? Yep...Dorothy. I haven't tried it on her officially. Maybe if it's too big A could borrow it!

  9. I think I've just seen Dorothy shoes at Target a couple of days ago!

    Sorry your big plans fell through, but sometimes it's nice just to get a chance to connect with one friend, too. Your cake sounds divine -- love lemon!

  10. Hey girl! Send that recipe over my way, yum! And glad to hear you had a great time despite all the changes in events!

    I think I have seen those shoes at Target or Payless I forget which one happy slipper shopping:)

    P.S~ I gave you an award!

  11. Oh, Holly...I had no idea that you had made that lemon cake for us that evening or I would have had some. I just didn't want to take any more of your stuff (after I walked out with your 'Clif' bar, which was wonderful by the way). I did love the time looking over your scrapbooks with you, though. It's amazing how much you can learn about a person just looking at their pictures. It was fun seeing all your running pics, kid pics and just overall fun pics of old (not too distant) memories. You are such a fun girl and I love your adventurous spirit! Of course, I still can't get over how your ran 21 miles, BY YOURSELF. (I still can't stop talking to Jason about it, I'm just that impressed!!) Anyway, I'm so thankful to have you as a friend--you're great!!


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