Runner's Regret

Sort of. First, I will say that I got my training run done. Finally. That's a good thing. Second, I now know for sure that I am a better morning runner than an evening runner. Yes, getting up way before the sun comes up is difficult, but your body adjusts. Strange but true, I feel more energized during the day after a morning run. I realize I probably should have braved the elements this morning. Maybe. Several aspects of distance running are crazy, I accept that. There's just something over-the-top crazy about running in the rain though.

This evening the rain stopped so I decided to go for it. This was after supper though. Not good. I felt like I was dragging through the steamy stew with my supper jostling around. We're in hurl territory now. Thankfully I didn't.

The whole family hit the streets with me, which was sweet. A. packed her "running bag" with a bottle of water and running snacks (raisins and fruit snacks). She also changed into a tank top, shorts and tennis shoes all by herself. It was fun to see her run her little heart out, full throttle, stopping ever so often to gather rocks to throw in the water. She even stretched a little with me after her bath.

The jury is still out on my new Mizunos(the ones I ordered). They changed the model a bit, making the toe box larger and the arches feel different too. We'll see after Saturday's long run for sure.

Note to self: rain or shine, run in the morning.


  1. you'd be surprised how much fun running in the rain (or snow, but you probably don't have snow in texas) actually is... it makes you feel really hardcore to be out there, braving those elements. it's empowering. but if lightning was involved, I'd maybe just stay inside too.

    way to get the run in regardless!

  2. I don't see a lot to regret with the whole gang joining you for your run.

    I'm with you about morning running. It makes for a better day.

  3. You're right Tom, that did make it fun. I just feel so much better when my run is out of the way first thing--I felt "off" all day.

  4. Holly, you would be so proud of me because I've been walking for the past three days! I'll get up to running speed sooner than later.
    ;) B

  5. Way to go, girlfriend. You are truly hardcore!

  6. Oh your daughter running with you is just too cute!
    My son would not even RIDE his bike alongside me.

    I also realized- but from being in the military- that morning runs are much better for me. You are right about being energized the entire day, it's weird but true even after running 8 miles (my maximum for now)

    I bought the Mizunos from a place by my house, it was cool- I thought- that they put you on the treadmill first to find the perfect shoe for you. Apart from the salesperson's advice to get a pair a bit bigger than my normal shoe size, I cannot tell if it works for me or not OR I don't want to admit to myself yet that it feels just like the running shoes I spent waaaa-aaaay- less money on.
    Let us know how it works out for you.

  7. Yeah, A. is usually up for most anything--but I think that goes along with being almost 4--I'm going to enjoy it now in case it changes--which it probably will! :)

  8. I am totally a morning runner! I feel your pain about the later run! I ran once after dinner...yes,ONCE! I decided then that if I didn't run in the morning it would just have to wait until the next day or so!

    However, very cute for A. to join in!

  9. For me, it's not so much about morning as an empty stomach.

  10. Oh, and I hear you on the shoes. I love mine except that they always (until last week, we'll see if this is a new trend) give me a blister on my right foot during my long runs.

  11. I am soooo a morning runner too, Holly! I'll tell you, lately, I've been running in the morning, but the humidity and heat is so bad, it stinks to run then too! I'm waiting for fall to come very soon!!

  12. Cici loves to run with me - when I get out that is. I am so hoping that when they start school, I'll get myself out the door more and set a better pattern. When I was running daily, I remember I loved early, early morning or when it turned dark at night. Right now, I can't pull myself out of bed though -so I'll go around 9:00 after the girls at school. So cute about your daughter running with you - such a great example!


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