A Sad Evolution

I don't know about you, but this little cafeteria has always been a part of my life. Yes, it's just a cafeteria, but they've always had basic, good food at reasonable prices. I love a LuAnn plate. You can't beat a small portion of meat, 2 veggies and a bread. Add some iced tea and we're talking lip smacking goodness. Their whipped-cheescake-graham-cracker-topped pie is dee-lish.

When I was young we ate at Luby's often after church. My dad would slow to a safe speed and we would bail out to GO GET IN LINE. Good times.

Over the last several years, I think Luby's has suffered some setbacks and poor management. They started to raise their prices, change the combos offered--they even messed with the LuAnn! They tried to bring in a different crowd. I may be set in my ways, but a cafeteria should not try to get above its raisin'. It's still a cafeteria however you dress it up. Our local Luby's started having kids eat free nights, which we liked. Then they added a man playing a keyboard up on a little stage. Yes, music while you dine on your square fish.

Soon they really messed things up. They took away the tea/water/coffee person that would pleasantly pass by and refill your drinks. That cart has been a Luby's staple. They started to have "servers" and suggested tipping. Now, I have no problem tipping in a regular restaurant, but this is Luby's folks.

We haven't been there in a long time. Until last night. I had a strong craving for their macaroni and cheese. It was bad and couldn't be denied. The lady on the serving line looked puzzled when I asked for a LuAnn plate. Apparently they are just combo plates now. Sad. Once we had our trays and started to find a table my desire for macaroni was being questioned. We found a clean table. This was an achievement. Our "server" came over and asked if we wanted "free straws". Yes, that's right free straws. Is there any other kind? Seriously. As we ate we heard her share her spiel to others, which began, "Would you like for me to clean that table for you?" There are basics, clean tables are high on the list...at least for me.

Though the macaroni was yummy, it may not be enough.

Do you like Luby's or other cafeterias? What's your favorite LuAnn combo? Shouldn't straws be free?


  1. Even though I feel bad that Luby's didn't live up to the expectation of a cherished memory from long ago, this story is HILARIOUS! "Yes, music while you dine on your square fish" LOL!
    We don't have but one cafeteria here in the DC area, but just the thought of one has sweet memories with my grandparents who lived in NM. As a kid, I loved those places!

  2. Ah the cafeteria. That's definitely a thing of the south. There is no such animal up here in Yankee country. I do miss the cafeteria.

  3. Nothing quite like Luby's here...and the closest to it seemed to cater to seniors and it's shut down. Nice to read of your memories but sad to hear it's deteriorated. Yes straws should always be free but not promoted as such. Keep up your good running and posting!

  4. We have not been to Lubby's I have heard from many who live here that it's do I dare say, dirty:I
    That reason alone was enough for me not to go.
    I do have to say that cafeteria's remind me of nursing homes and hospitals and that alone just makes me lose my appetite:(
    Hope they get new management at Luby's and restore it to it's former glory:)

  5. I don't even know what a cafeteria is!! Enlighten me! Like a buffet?

    I am used to paying a nickel a straw so I think free is a great deal.

    KIDDING! :)

  6. You had me laughing out loud several times during this! "A cafeteria should not try to get above it's raisin'." So funny!

    We don't have Luby's here, so I can't really relate, but I was entertained nonetheless!

    Free straws?

  7. free straws and clean tables, pretty basic! :)

  8. I must admit, having not grown up in Texas, I could never bring myself to eat at Luby's. My Texan-raised friends have, but I just can't do it. I'm sorry it has gone down-hill for you.

    How could they mess with the LuAnn Platter? Don't they know it is immortalized on King of the Hill? Some things you leave the same...

  9. Luby's.... we don't have many of those on the east coast. but i've heard beth (that would be, Beth Moore, we're only on a first name basis in my head!) mention Luby's in - like - every-other-talk!
    wish i could go through that line.

  10. I have never heard of such a restaurant. And yes, straws were meant to be free. If they start making me pay for straws in restaurants, I may be forced to actually cook once in a while.

  11. Luby's was our favorite. Heather and Ashley used to get jello in every color and never eat them. They just liked the colors. We were disappointed the last time we went too. We eat at Furr's sometimes in Abilene but it has changed too. We like Golden Corral and Sirloin Stockade now. They do neat things for kids and the choices of food are sort of cafeteria style but better and you serve yourself. All you can eat.

  12. Never heard of it, but definately it sounds like your title - "sad eveolution".

  13. I've never heard of Luby's or the LuAnn plate before, but I feel bugged out this change now. Free straws and table cleaning are perks now?? What in the world?

  14. Most Luby's have closed here in the DFW area. That Mac & Cheese is indeed great....chuckle @ "free straws" and "live music"....I think the last time we visited a Luby's was circa 1992 or so....sorry to see the decline.


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