Semi- Wordless Wednesday

A father daughter compromise

A backpack with legs


  1. Backpack with legs! That's a hoot. She looks adorable. I love the red boots. Doesnt' every child have a pair of red boots at some time in their life?

    Too cute.


  2. Do I see a label maker label on her backpack? Scott would definitely approve. He is insane with his labler.

    I, too, love the red boots!

  3. Deanna: Yes! Chaos may swirl around me, but I feel such peace knowing I have the capability to label it if I want to. Ha!

  4. Cute pic of the compromise - don't you love them!

  5. wondering just what the compromise is... the tv program, the nap on the couch or the red boots! :)

  6. Very cute pictures! "Backpack with legs" made me laugh hard!

  7. Landon is using the same backpack this year for 4th grade that he used when he started kindergarten, and it's still big! A backpack with legs is exactly what these little kids look like, so cute.


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