Sunday Snippets

First, a scene from Sunday morning:

Last few vital countdown minutes, working our way towards the door. Every second counts, folks. After getting breakfast, last minute Bible class stuff, and myself ready, we were down to the wire (just like any other Sunday, we have so much room for improvement).

I was trying to get A.'s hair up and bowified (yes, it's my word). I guess I wasn't hiding my frustration very well when I said something to Scott (remember last week's taming the tongue snippets?) about needing to leave, blah, blah...

A. said, "Mama's getting angry."
I said, "No, I'm not getting angry, I'm just irritated."
A. paused and said, "That's not good either."

And then we scramble out to the car to go to church on that note. Nice.

Today's sermon was based on 1 Timothy 2:1-8. Now, for the first 5-10 minutes I kept trying to follow along in 2 Timothy, but then I got it. Sometimes I create self imposed snippets.

Many thoughts came to my mind just from verse 1,"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone."

First, I realized how neglectful I have been in my own prayer life. Over the years I have seen the difference an active prayer life can make, yet honestly I have not been committed to daily prayer for quite a while. It's been hit or miss, yet I probably expect the same benefits or results.

I also thought about the types of prayer. Typically I pray for those on our prayer list, the requests that my friends might make, and then some of my own things. Do I ever pray for our church leaders? Members? Those searching? Our community? Our government and country? World affairs? Prayers of praise and thanksgiving? There are endless issues to talk to our Heavenly Father about, and I don't usually make it past the the things that directly affect me.

Our minister also encouraged us to pray for the children and young people going back to school. There has been a thoughtful ministry over the last few years for those in school. You are asked to select a die cut apple with the student's name on it and then commit to pray for him or her throughout the school year, daily. Simple, but so powerful. (I forgot to get an apple.)

I believe in the power of prayer and of it's necessity. I challenge myself to stop being hit or miss and make prayer a part of my daily life. Please hold me accountable. :)

What were some of your snippets?


  1. wow- what a great reminder about prayer. this has been a theme for me today as i just visited with someone who told me about her incredible experiences with prayer recently. i loved the thought of praying for someone throughout the schoolyear. i wonder how much difference we could make for one another by keeping each other in our prayers. this is something i'm also striving to do more of- my personal prayers sometimes leave much to the desire and while i'm sure god knows the intent of my heart, it would be nice if i could make it more meaningful. you have a great goal to make it a part of your daily life. :)
    my little guy was jumping off the pew during church today, so i remember little from the talks, but i loved the lesson we taught our class today- that we show our love for heavenly father and jesus by loving and being kind to others. it was a great lesson and reminded me so much that we are often the tools that heavenly father uses to answer others' prayers. i hope i can be better about recognizing those opportunities because i've been so blessed to see others answer my own prayers.

  2. Holly....Can I get your mailing address please? I have something I would like to send you. You can e-mail it to me. Thanks for todays post and my thought will be sent with what I sent you once you get me your address. Happy Sunday!

  3. Those last moments of bowifying can be quite stressful and can really set a bad tone for the day. I try really hard to have us ready so that we get to church 15 minutes early so as to avoid that negativity, but it still happens sometimes.

    I think personal prayer is huge and such an intimate thing. I'm sure the Lord wants us to pray for the things near and dear our hearts, to share our worries, our gratitude, our love and our hopes so that He can bless us with those things and so we can recognize His hand when we receive them.

  4. Great post! I have missed my blog world this past week. Hopefully, I'll catch up on you and A this morning. Have a great day!

  5. What a great thing. I love how you are all praying for the students in school. What an influence in their lives that will be. Good reminders!

  6. Yesterday was the first time in a loooooong time that our entire family ( 5 of us ) attended church together....so nice !

    The monthly "pancake breakfast" afterwards was great as well. The kids "last treat" as school started today.

    I try to pray more...I want to pray more. As I get older I do find myself thinking "be more Christ-like"...with age comes patience...with patience comes understanding....with understanding comes a "calmer/gentler" Mike.

    Funny how this life rolls.

    Nice post

  7. Hey Holly - A friend and I just talked about how we need to remember to pray as fervently when everything is going good in our lives. :) I am trying to get back to my morning quiet time routine. It's kind of sad...the first thing I want to do is check my blog/email.

    I love the idea of praying for a student all year. We should have that between bloggers or something. :)

  8. Thanks for taking the time to write and publish about the importance of prayer and how we all need it...so many types of prayers and reasons and grace that pours forth from it...

    I truly enjoy reading your insights...

  9. I love your Sunday Snippets and this one was a great reminder for me. God does want us to spend in prayer so that we can see how he answers prayer. A lot of times I, for one, miss how he answered because I forgot to pray in the first place. And then I miss out on seeing one more aspect about Him that is so cool. Rambling here, forgive me. Prayer is just so important. Important enough that even Jesus spent a whole lot of time doing it, which just blows my mind because he knew exactly how things would turn out.
    I'm amazed by Him, really.

  10. I pray for others all the time, but when it comes to me, I pray for understanding God's will if my prayers aren't answered. that helps me a lot.


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