SWAP Report

After participating in a wonderful Favorite Things Swap hosted by Kelly, I discovered something. Swapping is fun! It incorporates a few of my favorite pastimes: shopping, good mail and blogging. Heather over at Oh My Stinkin' Heck hosts these color themed swaps every few months. Just so you don't lose your itch for swapping, you know.
This is what I sent my swap partner, Shannon. A set of dish towels, note cards, a planner, fuzzy socks and a quilted tote bag. Let's just say that bag almost didn't make it into the box.

Here are the brown and blue goodies Shannon sent for me:

Dishtowels, fun notebooks and papers, fuzzy socks and manna from above (or at least Columbia), coffee. Love it all! Thank you Shannon!!

Now I am gathering items for Marta's Back 2 School Swap. Can't wait to send my package off in a few days and receive one from my partner, Anna Jo!
Just in case there is any lingering swapping bug, there is this to consider. Hmmm...what's the harm in just one more?
Do you like to participate in blogging swaps?
Is swapping a sickness?


  1. i've only done one swap, but it was very cool. i am always scrambling at the last minute and i have these horrible thoughts that i won't think of anything that is great enough. :)
    i love the stuff you sent and received! i LOVE that bag. it never would have made it out of my house! blue and brown is such a great combo!

  2. Yes swapping is a sickness and I have it. I'm getting my swap stuff ready for Marta's too. I've always wanted to host one but am afraid that only a few people would sign up. I'm still thinking about it though.
    I love both the stuff you sent and received!! HOW FUN!

  3. Oh my gosh...you are so brave. I guess I am too scared to do a swap. Call me silly but I don't think I would do it right! HA HA Maybe I will try one...will you help me? HA :)

    How has your weekend gone? I hope good...see you tomorrow!

    Love ya!

  4. I've never done a swap before. I'm signed up for Pink Christmas, which I guess will be my first experience with this sort of thing.

    Your packages (both sent and received) are darling! What a fun idea to do the color themes.

    It probably could become addicting!

  5. I have never done a swap either! How FUN could that be? WOW. Looks like you and A had some great goodies.

  6. I loved my first swap (you)! :)

  7. I am glad you got the swap ok! I was wooried about the coffee making it ok. I figured the coffee stamps were blue and brown and coffee is brown so it qualified! Hope you you it all!


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