Thursday Tidbits

I'm a little bummed. I missed my run this morning because of torrential rain and lightning. C'mon Ma Nature, work with me please. A few fellow BA Fitters have been meeting at a local park at 5:30am to run together. I hope everyone was as dedicated as me and stayed in bed, or I'm going to feel worse. Maybe I can get it done later, if the downpour ceases.

Yesterday A. had her gymnastics class. She has really enjoyed going this summer and looked forward to it each week. This year I enjoyed it too because she was old enough to be a Mighty Munchkin with a coach. Last summer she was in the Mommy and Me class and WE did gymnastics.

As I have sat each week, behind the glass, I have analyzed my level of commitment. I realize I fall somewhere on the lower end of the mom scale. I watch snippets of the activities so we can talk about them later, I wave and blow a kiss occasionally, otherwise I'm reading my book. I am okay with that. I don't feel the need to sit on the front row with my camera or video recorder, though that's okay if you do. I don't feel the need to make small talk with the other moms, though I'll smile and say an occasional small talk thing. I certainly do not feel the need to act out the songs or activities that the kids are doing. Yes, some have. I am there with a hug and smile at the end and then we go potty and go on with our day.

I did feel somewhat guilty that I hadn't taken one picture this entire summer session, so to rectify that, I did. Except my camera's battery was dying so I only got two of questionable quality. Sorry A.

After lunch at Mediterraneo, a quirky European chocolate egg with a small Viking hidden in the center, and a nap this is what I witnessed:

Dress up clothes from one end of her room to the other and A. in the middle of it all. Let's just say she is fond of layers.

What kind of waiting/viewing mom are you? Is a Viking an appropiate surprise inside a chocolate egg(the paper inside said to collect them all)? What are you up to today?


  1. I'm so like you...well the first year of sports (mini me was about 5 or so) I was the camcorder-take plenty of pictures- send them to everyone- daily update- type of mommie.
    Now I'm the smirk on my face-point and laugh- they are amateurs-type of mommie.

    I feel bad sometimes when I see other parents so in to their kids and I'm so nonchalant about mine.
    To the extend that we (mini me and I) both point and laugh AT the dedicated parents or the other kids on the team when they cry after loosing a game- my son was part of and probably caused the lose.

  2. I would be totally reading a book! I know A. does not feel neglected one tiny bit! You are a great mother and a few minutes with your nose in a great read probably makes you ready for the rest of the day!

    A. looks so precious in her dress up clothes! Does she love to play dress up? Oh- I miss hearing all your funny stories!I really need to find fun boy dress up things for K. He loves to wear his cowboy hat and ride his rocking horse Chica.

    K. loved the "goodie mail"! We have already put all the animals together-pictures to come!

  3. I am the kind like you. Or worse. The one that drops her kid off at the curb and goes speeding off to enjoy her three minutes of solitude. You got the pictures. That TOTALLY counts!

  4. I am definitely the kind of watching mom that you are. My 2 big girls ride horses, and I will often stay in the car with my 2 little girls because I don't want to chase them around the barn.

    The Viking in the chocolate egg is totally cracking me up. So random!


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