Without Further Ado...

A few weeks ago a friend dropped quite an honor in my lap. I have demonstrated my true self, the Queen of Procrastination, by waiting...and then waiting a bit longer to write about it.

Silken nominated me for this...

Thank you! Thank you! Can you believe it? After so many hours of engaging conversation with an almost 4 year old I am flummoxed that I am capable of a cohesive thought. I'm so flattered that she tagged me. Now, I have to do my part.

First, here is the origin of this prestigious award. Next, I must nominate fellow thinking bloggers. Hence, my reason for all of this procrastination. There are so many thought provoking blogs swirling throughout Blogville...and many of the ones that first came to mind are already card carrying Thinking Bloggers. The other ones that come to mind are newer blogs that I've discovered and would hate to freak them out with one of my first comments being "Hey, I just tagged you...I promise I'm not a crazy stalker, just a normal one." See my dilemma? Maybe I'm just over thinking (hey, I just got an award for this!) Here goes...

1. Chloe of Existential Dilemmas. Yes, I also tagged her with a Rockin' Girl Blogger and here I go again. She consistently writes posts that make me think, laugh, nod, and shout "Right-On Sister!"

2. Lynn of Neena's Nest who is the wise, honest and quite often hilarious mother of a dear friend of mine.

3. Kelly of Thister Thaster whose posts are fresh, funny and often tender peeks into her life.

4. Jill of Creativity, Musings & Such because her posts are the real deal folks. She has inspired me to try to be a better blogger and general human being.

5. Sandy of For Reluctant Entertainers because she inspires me to be more hospitable, or at least think about it. Her posts encourage no hassle, no excuses everyday entertaining--which not only makes life more enjoyable but more memorable.

Take a moment (or 2 or 5...there will always be more laundry/dust/dishes/insert own task here) and visit.

Happy blogging y'all!


  1. sweet! you're a thinking blog! :) i love your choices- i have to check out 2 of them, but i've seen 3 and i agree wholeheartedly with those!

  2. No...I am the queen of procrastination. I have yet to nominate rockers or thinkers. That is my goal this week. I will do it. No more procrastinating.

  3. Wow, thank you so much! That is just so nice. I'm going to have to think about my nominees. I'm a huge problem procrastinator -- maybe we could have a whole court of procrastination queens!

  4. OMG.....It is almost midnight of the last night of Camp Neena and your friend, my daughter just called and said, "Mom, have you seen Holly's blog? She nominated you for an award." And I said, "You must have the wrong number." I was spazzed out over the very thought of it. I mentioned to her that Camp Neena has only had the computer and the TV on ESPN for over a week and I was sure I wouldn't have missed something of that magnitude. But, I guess I did and all I can say is that you are way too generous. But, I am awed and proud that you would think so highly.....but does the wisdom part have to insinuate that I'm old? Thanks girl. I love ya!

  5. I love these posts because I get to know more wonderful women. Congrats on the award!


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