From Texas to Maine on a Plane

Sorry, I couldn't resist my cheesy title. We got back from our little getaway to Maine yesterday evening. I have just been itching to document our adventures! I will try to break up my posts into categories, instead of one insanely long yawn-y thing.

Thank you all for your travelling tips. All in all, A. vs. the airplane went very well. I packed her little Dora backpack with "surprises" for the trip up and then refreshed it for the return flight. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Polly Pocket creator. These strange little dolls with their stretchy clothes, microscopic shoes and accessories kept her busy for long segments of the flights. I am proud to report that we only lost a few shoes. I so don't care.

Here we are before the plane took off. She was excited and not scared at all, thank goodness!

We flew

for the first time. Now, we are not experienced travelers AT ALL, so our opinion probably doesn't amount to much, but we enjoyed their service--as far as no frills, discount airfare carriers go.

A. was most happy with her bag of Munchie Mix, her headset, and NICK on the little TV on the back of the chair in front of her.

I had to document actually being in New York, even if it was just the airport. I'm such a dork, when I saw JFK airport from the runway I immediately started quoting Seinfeld in my head. I was also the geeky tourist craning my neck, squinting my eyes into the smoggy distance and asking Scott, "Is that Manhattan? Is that the Empire State Building?" Someday I'll see the real deal.
Stay tuned for the Maine details... (ha ha ha...I just crack myself up! To pieces, I'm telling you!)


  1. Hi, Holly! This is Deanna. I have your name for the Witch Switch! I'm really excited! I'm friends with Wendi, Jamie and a few others doing the switch. (Our husbands went to dental school together.) Anyway, I wanted to tell you that your blog has been SOO inspiring to me! You have no idea! I love your running posts, and I'm set and determined to do better! I've been on the weight loss path for a few months now, but this gave me the litte boost I needed. I especially loved your post "I wasn't a runner, but now I am." I've adpoted this as my new mantra. :o) I actually talked about it on my blog (ronanddeanna.blogspot.com). Anyway, great to meet you! Thanks again for the great inspiration! :o)

  2. Welcome Home! You've been missed.

    I'm glad the flights went well and that the Polly Pockets were a great success.

  3. Yay! Welcome back! I can't wait to hear about all of it. You are cracking me up tonight, too. I missed you!

    Great pics. :)

  4. I appreciate your humor! And I totally would have taken the picture in front of the airport sign, too.

    I love LOVE your hair! And your glasses are very cute!

    Can't wait to read more about Maine.

  5. So glad your trip went well and you've landed safely home! Can't wait to see the Main pictures and love the self portrait of you and Annelise!

  6. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear the Maine details. You crack me up!

  7. Glad you made it back! A. looks like she had fun. Can't wait to hear ALL about the trip! I know you were thrilled to get back to the Texas weather-Ha!

  8. So glad that your back!

    I lived in NY for 25 years and never went to NYC!

    Someday I too want to go!

    We should've flew Jet Blue Delta was terrible!

  9. NYC is great and there is a lot to do with A.! I love living here.

  10. I'm glad you traveled safely! I love polly pockets!

  11. I love flying with JetBlue!!! My tykes always ask when are we going to fly in are pajamas to Utah again?
    I love the TVs and snacks you get and great service. I recommend JetBlue to everyone! Oh and the redeye flight I can take as well when traveling alone with 2 kids!


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