I try not to be a judgmental person. I do. Really. At times though, I have this voice in my head that can not be silenced. Somethings just set her off.

For example, the fellow runner from this weekend that felt very comfortable after our run. Or very hot, I don't know. Yes, in the running world it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear only a sport bra, if they feel like it. Typically, these sport bras look like you would expect. Black, grey or another color, usually with a racer back. Fellow runner chose to brave it all in a white bra that was a sport bra, but it really resembled an 18-hr Playtex. Hmmm. If I'm going to go all Brandi Chastain, I would want to be able to pull it off.

Another peeve is poor support for the girls. C'mon ladies, if you have bouncing issues, please...and I'm begging you, invest in a quality sport bra that WILL ACTUALLY support you. How can you not notice? How does that not drive you crazy?

Please refrain from wearing perfume, aftershave, heavily scented deodorant, etc. It's not pleasant to run through your cloud, trust me.

One last peeve involves men and their decision to run shirtless. Very few men actually look good doing this. Is a tank top just going to put you over the edge? Try it. Please.

What are some of your peeves when it comes to exercise attire or lack thereof?


  1. I share a lot of your pet peeves as well. In fact, me and another runner from this morning's training session were just commenting on how the girl's cross-country team wears next to nothing while they jog around the track with their male coach! To me, when you're trying to look 'sexy' while your jogging is kind of a pet peeve. To me they should at least have a dress code for that in high school, but that's just me...

  2. Ok...I am laughing so hard right about now and so needed a post like this with the kind of day I have had. Honesty is priceless. Fashion sense is also priceless.
    Thanks for the laugh...best of luck to you on your next run :D
    P.S. I would never normally ask someone to peak at the blog but I am beaming with pride at my little guys posted performance. Check it out if you get a chance. Hope all is well.

  3. Not that I exercise, BUT, I hate it when men wear those short, short, little jogging shorts. I'm always afraid I'm going to see something I don't want to see.

    Another peeve, people who wear denim shorts or pants to exercise. Yes, I have seen this on our track behind our house. Maybe it's o.k. for walking, but not for jogging.

  4. thank you!!! i was reading this half laughing and half crying- seriously- the bra thing and the shirtless thing are both big pet peeves! so funny.

  5. I never wanted to admit it. But, that is why I don't jog! HA HA HA.
    No, really though, you basically hit the nail on the head as far as attire that is gaggable. Except for men in spandex. I am sorry. It does NOT look good. You know what it I mean. And you speak of the "girls" needing support as you run? For sure, if they don't get it soon they'll be tripping over them in a couple of years. Maybe you need to start your own line of proper exercise wear!

  6. Hahahaha, I LOVED this post! But how do you feel about dogs that are on walks, with their very own shoes, hair clips and scarves??? *B

  7. Sing it sister! And even the men who would normally look good running (which is about .5% of the population) would only really look good running after a dog, on the beach, for about a minute...because that's as long as they can run and flex all of their muscles.

    I loved this post...and I sooooo agree with everything. And it's not being judgmental, it's just stating your opinion. Running is should not be a toptional (I just learned this word) activity.

  8. yes, these are some of my pet peeves too, the sports bras and the shirtless guys, and the PERFUME! and why the big sweaty guys at the gym NEVER bring a towel to wipe off the equipment....GAG!

  9. I'll add my amen to your list as well as the tight, tiny shorts men wear. NOTHING worse than that. Except maybe spandex shorts on a man, who is not wearing a shirt, and has a gold chain around his hairy neck. EWWWW...

  10. TOO FUNNY Holly!!
    Because of my marathon on sunday, I decided to invest in a sports bra, I have several but I always wear a shirt over them. So I decided if I was going to go shirtless on my 13.5 miles run, I was going to get a decent sports bra. Once that LOOKS like a sports bra. I bought two, one of them was exactly like you described your fellow runner was wearing, it said sports bra on it, but it was white and outside of my comfort zone. The second one (Black with white trimmings) fit just right. I took it out for a spin, and felt comfortable.
    I'm all for women doing their thing as long as they feel comfortable doing it, boobs juggling and all.
    The perfume thing is cool with me also, but not when I'm running beside you. My only other pet peeve (these people do this to me all the time) is when I'm running on the side walk and two or three other people are running in the opposite direction, all three of the running side by side will actually expect me to make the adjustment. Last week, when I realized that I was going to have to run around them AGAIN I was infuriated enough to just keep running and bump into one of them. I was running faster, the impact was harder on her, she was older and I ended up feeling bad.

  11. Love the post. Wanted to add, what is up with the girls who go to the gym to excercise, but put on a full face of makeup before they go?

  12. All I can say is I know....I saw it....I couldn't believe it. :)

  13. This was hilarious! When we see shirtless running men, my girls will often ask, "why do some men not wear shirts then they run?" I just don't know either!

    My pet peeve revolves around cyclists. There are lots here, and they all think they're Lance Armstrong. They ride on narrow, winding roads (that I live on) with no shoulder, so you can't pass them and they have nowhere to be but in the road. I'm all for them having a good ride, but going 5 mph behind a not so Lance cyclist looking for a curve that you maybe could squeak around them without having a head-on collision or running them over is just really not good for the blood pressure.

  14. That is insane. I can't believe she ran in that!!!

    I just hate people who bare it all, men or women, who don't have the body for it. If you have to count the rolls... Well, don't do it.

  15. Along the lines of the last comment I saw a woman at the gym this morning that had to count three rolls up to put on her sports bra...no big deal except she didn't put a shirt on over it. I kept wondering if she felt self concious AT ALL?

    There is also a pack (I say pack because they seem to follow each other in unison) of women at the gym that show up in the wee hours of the morning with full hair and makeup done. What's up with that?

  16. Jason and I had a similar discussion Saturday. Mystery white bra woman does not know how many lives her choice impacted!!! haha

    Once again,, you had me in stitches!

  17. Holly, you crack me up!! I'm loving your soap box right now. I agree that the sista's need proper support and respect. This should be taught at a young age. ;)

  18. Wow! There are a lot of opinions I see and I few other things I hadn't thought of.

    I agree with you Maria about the high school track team girls. Many of them are wearing as little as possible, pulled up or rolled down as far as possible. Not appropriate at school.

    White bra woman that started my list actually looked okay except for the whole lot of white bra staring at me. I kept thinking, any minute she's going to put on her shirt. Um, nope. It was like a train wreck.

    As for full make-up at the gym or other exercise activity, unless they are coming right after work, I just don't get it. Now, I have been know to wear some waterproof mascara to give me a little facial boost and maybe a bit of powder if I am blessed with some breakouts--don't want to be too scary. Other than that, I just don't get it.

    Though it would not be my choice, I suppose men and women of all sizes can go shirtless. Maybe seeing more of themselves, whatever the state may be, helps keep them focused on their goal.I still choose modesty.

    As for sharing the sidewalk, common courtesy is expected and should always be practiced. If you are walking, running, beside a friend you should still yield and move to single file, so the other can pass.

  19. This was too funny! I don't know how woman run with their chests flapping in the wind, it must hurt so bad! And as you know, I'm new to the whole exercising scene so after reading you post today I am now going to refrain from squirting on my Clinique Happy perfume before heading out the door, thanks for the tip;)

  20. Totally cracking up! I loved this one! As I look back on old pictures, like the one on my blog I realize I did wear a white sports bra, but it was a thick one you could not see through... still not ok huh! Ha, so much fun to look back and laugh!

  21. I feel your pain on this. I am always surprised by the women who have no problem bouncing all over the place, doesn't it hurt them? It would hurt me. I try to avoid jiggling of any kind and therefore don't run.

    I feel the way you do about perfume, aftershave and all of that in my real, not just in the workout world. It's too much and it's an invasion of my breathing space. I've had to mouth breathe through church on a number of occasions and I don't like it.


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